A Spotlight on Mrs. Vicki Rohrer

Fifteen years ago, someone walked into the bank where Mrs. Vicki Rohrer was a teller, and told her Kennett Middle School had a job opening for a secretary.  “I applied, and on a wing and a prayer, I got the job,” she said.

Every day is different in the office where students, parents, teachers and administrators stream in and out.   “It is great to get up every day and wonder what today will be like,” she said. 

“The kids are my favorite part of the job.  They are fun.  We do not have bad kids, just ornery ones,” said Mrs. Rohrer.  They like her, too. 

Students stop in to chat with her.  Sometimes, they bring her gifts.  She receives food they make in consumer science class, drawings, notes, plants or bobble heads of Philadelphia Phillies.  “I keep pictures and notes on my wall for the year and then take them down.”  Each school year, the blank wall near her desk fills up quickly.

Mrs. Rohrer said her favorite part of the year is when students return to school.  They stop in the office and tell her what they did during the summer.   “I am always amazed by how much the kids have grown and matured in three months.”

The end of the year is sad for her,  as she says good-bye to the eighth grade students.  “I know I will see them, but not every day.”

Mrs. Rohrer enjoys connecting with students and does many tasks that benefit them.  “I answer phones, write letters, find students, and help the staff.  I do anything and everything that is needed.”  While she does not consider any part of her job hard, she said, “You have to be able to multi-task.”

“I was always told I am the first person others see when they enter the school.”  Mrs. Rohrer politely answers questions, hands out forms, and guides people to who they need to see.  She tries to meet others’ needs to help free up time for staff members.

Besides connecting with others and helping them, Mrs. Rohrer enjoys reading mysteries, sewing, and exchanging recipes.  Although she works during the summer, she and her husband get away to the beach and their cabin near the New York border.  “It’s peaceful at the cabin.  There is no TV or cell phone service.  We sit on our porch and watch bears, deer, and turkeys roam through the woods.”    

She also enjoys spending time with her two grown boys and daughter, and her five granddaughters who are four months to 14 years old.

Mrs. Rohrer likes kids of all ages, which explains her longevity as a Kennett Middle School secretary.