A Spotlight on Kennett High School's Guidance Counselor Mrs. Jeanne Hutton

Throughout students’ four years of high school, guidance counselors see it all. While students transition through teachers, grade levels, and activities, their high school counselor plays an important role. Their guidance counselor not only keeps track of their academic and extra-curricular activity information, but provides them with vital support as they prepare for their future. For the past 26 years, Guidance Counselor Chairperson Mrs. Jeanne Hutton has provided Kennett High School students with essential educational support and assistance.

At Kennett High School, each counselor is assigned a case load of students that they work with until graduation. Mrs. Hutton makes sure her students are prepared for graduation and helps them to make proper choices for their future goals. In addition to assisting students, she is also responsible for handling all College Board testing, the 8th grade orientation program, and serving on the community scholarship committee.

“It’s very rewarding to see students achieving beyond what they thought they were capable of,” said Mrs. Hutton. “No matter what challenges they face, when they succeed and earn that diploma and have a high school education behind them, they know they have opportunities ahead of them.”

Before working as counselor at Kennett High School, Mrs. Hutton taught preschool, elementary school, and high school in Virginia, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. As a high school teacher, Mrs. Hutton served as a substitute health teacher.  However, she has spent most of her professional career as a counselor.

“I was always interested in people,” explained Mrs. Hutton. “I enjoy listening and speaking with people as well as solving problems.”

Mrs. Hutton first moved to Kennett in the early 1970s when her husband was transferred to the area from his job in Connecticut. After exploring different schools in the area, a job opportunity presented itself at Kennett High School.

“Kennett High School is different from other schools,” said Mrs. Hutton. “Our diverse population is unique, our course of study is more expansive than most, and there is a real concern and investment in our students.”

“I truly believe that differences are minimized here and this allows students to interact with different people in a supportive and encouraging environment,” explained Mrs. Hutton.

Mrs. Hutton holds an undergraduate degree in sociology and psychology and a graduate degree in educational counseling.

When she’s not in her office, Mrs. Hutton enjoys outdoor activities like kayaking, reading on her Kindle, and spending quality time with her children, grandchildren, and her two labradoodles, Rosie and Virginia.

Mrs. Hutton’s two daughters are graduates of Kennett High School, as is her husband. Her daughters and their families live in Kennett. Her three grandchildren, ages 5, 3, and 1, will attend school in the District.