Barbara DeCarlo

Barbara DeCarlo retired in 2008 after 35 years in the Kennett Consolidated School District, and she remains as enthusiastic about Kennett as she did on her first day. She began her teaching career in Kennett and is best remembered as the principal of New Garden Elementary School. When she started as the principal, the school had 373 students and by the end of her career, New Garden was proudly serving upwards of 1,000 students.


Mrs. DeCarlo is welcoming, generous, and exudes an energy that can fill a room. It is this spirit that made her such an impactful teacher and principal. This enthusiasm is aimed at providing students with positive experiences and lasting impressions. This point is explained by her general outlook on education, which is a simple, yet enduring one: “I believe that the key ingredient for anyone’s success is education, and the earlier you can make positive connections to learning, the better. When you get to see that connection on a child’s face, it is absolutely inspiring.” For the better part of four decades, this was the manner in which she interacted with her students and it started from day one.


After graduating in 1973 from Penn State, Mrs. DeCarlo was hired at Mary D. Lang Elementary as a fourth-grade teacher. In 1975, she transitioned to second grade and remained there until her ascension to administration in the late 1980s. Throughout her career, she sought to make the greatest impact possible, which remains her continuing philosophy to this day.


After her retirement in 2008, she immediately joined the Kennett Education Foundation. Even in retirement, she remains committed to the kids of Kennett. She loves providing grants to teachers throughout the district who are creating innovative and creative ways to engage students in their learning. One thing is clear, Mrs. DeCarlo has been a fundamental part of making Kennett what it is today and what it will become in the future.