C.J. Lowe

There’s a duality to C.J. Lowe that’s as inspiring as it is informative. Despite battling with asthma, C.J. participated in sports his entire life up to and including running track at the University of Mississippi. Additionally, while having faced the challenges that dyslexia can present in traditional academic settings, he recently graduated with his Doctorate in Pharmacy. Achieving in the face of such challenges gives insight into his true character. He’s not someone who will lament or wallow in the challenges laid before him; instead, C.J. forges a path forward – for himself and others.


Throughout high school, C.J. desired a career that would allow him to help those who struggle with respiratory issues like himself. Therefore, immediately after his high school graduation, he set out to achieve that goal. With a singular desire, C.J. excelled at the University of Mississippi obtaining both his bachelor’s degree and his doctorate in eight short years. His success at Ole Miss is remarkable but he sees the seeds of that achievement in his time here at KHS. As he looks back now, he fondly remembers the dedication he saw in his teachers that gave him the confidence to achieve his lofty goals. As he claims, “Kennett helped me to always strive for greatness in every aspect of my life no matter if that is in athletics, the classroom or with making connections. Kennett truly made me a well-rounded individual.”Like his teachers before him, he will now seek to help others.


After the better part of a decade in the Magnolia State, C.J. is headed back north. He has recently accepted a Fellowship with Astrazeneca in conjunction with Rutgers University where he’ll be the Respiratory Medical Information, Medical Science Liaison, and Medical Affairs Strategy Fellow. As with everything, we know C.J. will exceed expectations and remain keenly focused on helping as many people as he can throughout his burgeoning career. Congratulations C.J. We couldn’t be happier for you!