Dr. Dusty Blakey

When Dr. Dusty Blakey became Kennett Consolidated School District’s eighth superintendent on January 27, 2020, no one could have predicted what would have unfolded only six weeks into his tenure. No matter the continued challenges of the past year, he remains firmly committed to advancing Kennett’s educational goals. While the pandemic has forced us all to reimagine what education looks and feels like, Dr. Blakey is eager to leverage these conversations into lasting and positive change.


For him, reimagining education for the benefit of ALL students has been a career-long pursuit. From a Social Studies teacher, to a Hall of Fame wrestling coach, to the Superintendent of Colonial School District, he has sought to engage students by cultivating their natural interests, passions, and abilities into authentic learning experiences that help develop a lifelong love of learning. Dr. Blakey believes that giving students agency in their own education helps to foster a level of confidence and self-assurance that extends into the rest of their lives. For him, that is the essence of a true education, one that extends beyond the walls of the classroom.
Born into a family of educators, it perhaps comes as little surprise that education has been a lifelong passion for Dr. Blakey. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Morgan State University, he obtained a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and a doctorate in Administration and Public Policy, both from the University of Delaware. These experiences shaped his views on education and his objectives as a leader. His forward-thinking approach and desire for providing all students access and opportunity garnered him significant attention as the leader of Colonial School District in Delaware.


Dr. Blakey believes in the innate power of personal stories. When we listen to one another’s stories, we get a better sense of who we are, not just as individuals, but as human beings who have much more in common that we may realize. As each community member we have profiled in our celebration of Black History Month, we all have a story that deserves to be told, heard, and celebrated. We are eager to create and celebrate success stories of our Kennett students under the leadership of Dr. Blakey.