Dr. Orville Walls, Jr.

Like his father before him, Dr. Orville R. Walls, Jr., DVM dedicated his life to caring for others. After graduating from Kennett High School in 1959, he went on to attend Lincoln University just as his father and grandfather had done before him. He graduated in the spring of 1963 with a degree in chemistry and biology. Immediately thereafter, he began working in the medical field while working on his master’s degree in biomedical engineering.

In 1969, Dr. Walls graduated from the Tuskegee Institute in Montgomery, Alabama with a degree in agriculture and a doctorate in veterinary medicine. That same year, he moved to Philadelphia where he became one of only three black veterinarians in the entire commonwealth of Pennsylvania. During his career, Dr. Walls would regularly treat a wide variety of animals, including cats, dogs, cows, horses, skunks, snakes, mountain lions, and chimpanzees. As a matter of family legacy, Dr. Walls regularly made house calls, just as his father had, to treat the pets of those who were unable to bring their animals to his office.

Dr. Walls’ veterinary practice, the Green Street Animal Clinic, opened in 1976 and evolved into a fixture of the historic Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. His dedication to his patients, community, and family was an organic extension of who he was at his core. This legacy lives on even after his death in 2017, as the practice remains open and family-run. Just like Dr. Walls himself, his children are forging their own path with a steadfast knowledge of who and what came before them. The Walls family legacy may begin in Kennett, but their devotion to service and excellence extends well beyond, and we couldn’t be prouder to share their story.