Janell Anderson

Mrs. Janell Anderson is one of the most spirited and dedicated teachers you’ll ever meet. From her exuberant mathematics lessons to her celebratory dance sessions, Mrs. Anderson brings her ALL every day. For a quarter-century, she has taught middle school math, and for the first 15 years of her career, she coached the KMS cheerleading team. Under her tutelage, the KMS cheerleading squad qualified for Nationals twice and placed second overall in one of those national appearances. It is this type of dedication and enthusiasm that KMS students and parents have come to expect from her over the years. As someone who is a pure natural in front of the classroom, it may come as a shock that she did not intend to become a teacher. However, her desire for a career in Mathematics aligned with education in obvious ways so she sought a degree in elementary education. While attending the University of Delaware, Mrs. Anderson was accepted into the University’s ASPIRE program receiving an academic scholarship in the process. The ASPIRE program, which remains active at UD, seeks to inspire educators from diverse backgrounds to become the best educators they can be. Clearly, the program is a success; Mrs. Anderson is one of the program’s many examples.

Her genuine excitement for teaching combined with her passion for supporting students extends well beyond the confines of her classroom. The past 25 years are a testament to that point. Thankfully she has a lot more to give to Kennett Middle School and our larger community. We’re thankful for her commitment to Kennett and for being a strong advocate for all students.