Mayor Leon Spencer

To hear Kennett Square’s voice written in prose would be to read the words of Bayard Taylor. To hear the voice of Kennett Square spoken aloud would be to listen to the dulcet tones of Mayor Leon Spencer’s voice. As a trained musician, Mr. Spencer’s singing and instrumentation can be heard throughout the area, but his voice powerfully transcends his professional training. Mr. Spencer has dedicated his life to public service and has lent his voice to the call of making Kennett Square a better place for all of its citizens.
To put it simply, Mr. Spencer’s public service knows no bounds. Over the years, he has been a dedicated church member, music teacher, KCSD School Board member, CCIU Board member, Kennett Borough Council President, and, most notably, the Mayor of Kennett Square. His commitment to his hometown is just part of who he is at his core. Mr. Spencer graduated from KHS in 1968 and went on to receive his bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Muskingum (College) University. After two decades away from his hometown, he returned in 1991, and has remained a fixture of the community ever since. Whether it’s announcing KHS athletic events, performing with music ensembles, or supporting religious and educational pursuits, Mr. Spencer is always there to serve.

When we asked Mayor Spencer about the meaning of Black History, he explained in very simple terms, “There are many human gems in American history who have remained under the radar…[and] uncovering their stories is critically important.” Mr. Leon Spencer is certainly a gem, and someone whose story we couldn’t be prouder to tell and celebrate. He has made Kennett Square a better place thanks to his devotion to our beautiful community, and we’re thankful for his service.