Tyrone Johnson

Until his retirement in the spring of 2020, Tyrone Johnson’s presence within the Kennett Consolidated School District was felt – and heard – for more than five decades. Mr. Johnson moved to Kennett in the 5th grade when his father began a career in the local mushroom industry. After high school, and inspired by his older brother, he pursued a business degree from Bloomsburg University. Yet, he felt compelled to seek other options. Upon reflecting on the advice of his former teachers, he decided to switch majors to General Science Education in the hopes of becoming an educator in his own right. And we’re thankful that he did!

Six years after graduating from Kennett, he returned in 1982 as a long-term substitute. Two years later, Mr. Johnson was hired to a full-time position. For the next 36 years, he taught secondary science and coached high school and middle school wrestling. As a matter of course, he adamantly pushed kids to reach their potential in both athletics and academics. There was no doubt about his commitment as you could often hear him – loud and clear – celebrating a student’s achievements in the classroom or inspiring an athlete to dig a bit deeper. Mr. Johnson never stopped pushing himself to adopt new strategies, methodologies, and technologies and remained a dedicated and supportive teacher throughout his long career.

As he reflects on his career now he hopes, whether through science or coaching, that he helped to make a positive contribution to the lives of his students. As we celebrate Black History Month, we are honored to celebrate the life and career of one of Kennett’s most dedicated teachers. There’s no doubt Kennett would be a much different place without the influence of Mr. Tyrone Johnson.