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A photo of a student on their Senior Stroll

At the Kennett Consolidated School District (KCSD), the Board is responsible for stewarding the budget in alignment with the strategic plan, ensuring that public funds are spent to the fullest value of its taxpayers. 

The Chief Financial Officer annually prepares and presents the budget to the Board for approval. It encompasses the expenses of all instructional, extracurricular and athletic programs– and is the culmination of a series of Finance Committee meetings. 

The budget cycle begins in September, with the approval of the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s (PDE) Act I Index, continues with the adoption of a preliminary budget in February and concludes with the adoption of a final budget in June. The KCSD administration references a number of projections in its planning process, including for students and for staff.


Attend a Meeting

Residents of KCSD are invited to attend monthly board and committee meetings online or in person at the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center.