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Teaching and Learning

The Kennett Consolidated School District (KCSD) is committed to supporting all of our students’ academic, social and emotional development through high-quality, research-based classroom instruction built upon the rigorous academic standards set forth by the state of Pennsylvania.

The Teaching and Learning team oversees the vision for curriculum, instruction, assessments and professional development across the core areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies as well as all electives. 

In addition to the Director of Teaching and Learning, Supervisors of Elementary, Secondary and English Language Development Instruction and Instructional Technology Coaches, the team includes talented Counselors and Interventionists as supports in each school. 

What We Teach

Curriculum Review Process:

KCSD has a five year curriculum cycle to ensure that all essential content and skills are taught to all students. Each year, the district also reviews research-based instruction and assessment practices and aligns professional development. 

How We Teach

Multi-Tiered System of Supports: 

By using the structure of a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), KCSD identifies student needs and intervenes to ensure their success.

A photo of a Pathways student editing video in a Mac Lab

Paths With a Purpose

Modeled after University life, all prospective Kennett High School (KHS) students may choose to enroll in a focused area of study. Throughout High School, participants complete college coursework, job shadowing, internships, work experiences and more that satisfy traditional graduation requirements and support the development of marketable skills for college and career.

Degree Programs are a differentiator for KCSD. Among our public and private counterparts in Chester County, none offer a similar model for secondary learning. In the foreseeable future, Programs will expand K-12, becoming the District's signature style of learning for all students.

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Department of Teaching & Learning

Dr. Heather Collins

Director of Teaching & Learning 

Brenna Austin

Supervisor of English Language Development 

Judy Jester 

Supervisor of Secondary Education 

Dr. Jennifer Miller

Supervisor of Elementary Education 

Kelly Figueroa

Instructional Technology Coach 

Erica Pye

Instructional Technology Coach

Veronica Gamboa

Administrative Assistant to Human Resources and Teaching & Learning