The Kennett Consolidated School District covers a geographical area of thirty-three square miles and is located in the southeastern part of Chester County, which is one of the fastest growing counties in the east. District boundaries are the State of Delaware on the south, Route #1 on the north, Route #52 on the east, and Route #41 on the west.

Political subdivisions existing within the District are the Borough of Kennett Square, Kennett Township, New Garden Township, and a small portion of East Marlborough Township.

The Borough of Kennett Square is located at the geographic center (intersection of Routes #1 and #82) and provides the economic hub for the area served by the schools of the District.The Borough has a business center containing a full range of retail and service stores as well as professional offices to serve this suburban-rural community.Major shopping and commercial centers located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and the cities of Wilmington and Newark, Delaware, are accessible easily to School District residents for shopping and employment.

Approximately 20% of the employed people living in the School District are involved with agriculture (mushrooms primarily), 31% in manufacturing, and 20% in commercial activities.  The remaining 29% are involved in diversified activities such as finance, transportation, construction, public employment, and educational services.A relatively small percentage of the total employed population actually works within the boundaries of the School District.

The Kennett Area Park and Recreation Board provides out-of-school, year-round recreational opportunities for children between the ages of six and eleven.It also operates the community swimming pool, one of the finest facilities of its kind in the area.

Residents of the District have available to them the Bayard Taylor Memorial Library and the major attraction of the area, Longwood Gardens.