Did you know that there is a convenient way to access information about current and upcoming assignments and work in your student’s KHS classes?

There is . . .the KHS Assignment Wiki!

This means that there you can check as often as needed to verify your student’s daily assignments!

I hope that you will find the Assignment Wiki’s to be very helpful. We recommend checking them with your student. You can copy/print the current week’s info for each class and post it in the area where your student completes homework. Or, your student can use the Wiki each night to verify that s/he has recorded the correct info in his/her agenda book.


  1. Go to https://connect.kcsd.org/
  2. Log in as follows:
    Username = your student’s 6-digit ID #
    Password = your student’s 8-digit date of birth
  3. Click on “KHS Assignment Wiki” under Announcements

    You should see something like this:


4. Click on the name of one of your student’s teachers.

You should see something like this:


5. Scroll down to the correct class name to find current / upcoming information about the class.

HINT: Some teachers provide a direct link to a separate page for each class. Just click on that link to find the assignment information.