A student created a wiki called “The Insider: KHS Edition.”  It is intended to welcome new students to KHS, but it’s a great source of information for everyone!

It provides information about all of the following items:







Students (and parents!) will find the section on clubs to be especially helpful. It provides a description of each club, including details about when the club meets and who to contact for more information!

To access the wiki:

(1) Go to live.kcsd.org

(2) Click on KHS at the top of the screen

(3) Under the “Spaces” heading, click on “The Insider: KHS Edition”

(4) Use the links in the blue box on the left side of the screen to view detailed information about each category listed above. If there is a plus sign (+) next to the category name, click it to expand the category.

NOTE:  Unlike the Assignment Wiki, you do not have to log in to KCSD Live to access The Insider: KHS Edition. However, if you are logged in to KCSD Live, you can still access the wiki following the directions above.