KHS Video Producers Score in 10 Day Challenge

A group of Kennett High School students have stepped up to the challenge, the 10 Day Film Challenge that is, and two have emerged as high scoring award winners.  The high school students in Mr. Frank Vanderslice’s video production class took part in an intense project in which teams of students make a movie — writing, shooting, editing and scoring it, in just 10 school days and only on the school campus.

Over one hundred films were submitted to the contest, and on April 29 the winners were announced during a screening at the United Artists Cinema in Philadelphia. Kennett seniors Lucas Ransick and Hannah Geller received the award for Best Use of Sample ImageSpecial Effects and their film “Fumigation” placed eighth overall. The film is an action adventure film starring senior classmate P.J. O’Sullivan as the hero with Hannah Geller playing a villain. Lucas Ransick shot and edited the film.

The 10 Day Film Challenge began on March 16 with submissions due on March 27.  On the first day, the challenge was given to the students with information about the character, prop, line of dialogue, cinematic technique, and genre that must be included in their movie.  Genres were drawn from a hat.  This year’s genres were romance, thriller, sci-fi, superhero, fantasy, mystery, mockumentary, slice of life, sports/games, or monster movie.

Mr. Vanderslice said that this year the students were challenged by having to incorporate into their movie: a character named Eric or Erica Ashton who has just won an award, an apple as a prop, and the line of dialogue: “Does it really make a difference?” Then 10 school days later, a three- to four-minute movie was completed along with a movie poster. The best films were shown at a local theater as part of an awards ceremony and may be posted online. The films were judged on everything from acting to production.

This year 34 Kennett High School students submitted 11 films.