U.S. News & World Report Names KHS One of the Best

The Kennett Consolidated School District is proud to announce that U.S. News & World Report has deemed Kennett High School one of America’s Best High Schools. Kennett High School ranked 32 of 216 schools in the Commonwealth and 1,307 of 19,753 in the country that were eligible for ranking.

According to the publication’s website, to produce the 2015 Best High Schools rankings, U.S. News & World Report teamed with North Carolina–based RTI International, a global, nonprofit social science research firm. The comprehensive rankings methodology is based on the key principles that a great high school must serve all of its students well, not just those who are college bound, and that it must be able to produce measurable academic outcomes to show it is successfully educating its student body across a range of performance indicators.

A three-step process is used to determine the best high schools:
•    The first step determined whether each school’s students were performing better than statistically expected for students in their state.
•    For schools passing the first step, the second step assessed whether their disadvantaged students—black, Hispanic and low income—were outperforming disadvantaged students in the state.
•    Finally, schools that made it through the first two steps became eligible to be judged nationally on the final step—college-readiness performance—using Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate test data as the benchmarks for success, depending on which program was largest at the school.

Kennett Consolidated School District Superintendent Dr. Barry Tomasetti said, “The credit for this honor first goes to our hardworking students who challenge themselves by selecting and excelling at our most rigorous courses. Additionally, I would like to congratulate the parents of our students because their emphasis on the importance of taking advantage of high-quality educational opportunities has resulted in many of our students excelling as students in Kennett schools and beyond. Finally, I have a deep appreciation for our faculty, staff, and administration. These dedicated educators expect the best from our students and dedicate their lives to providing an outstanding learning environment for all our students.

For more information on the U.S. News & World Report ranking process and details on Kennett High School’s ranking click here.