Snow Make-up Days

As indicated on the District calendar, the make-up days for the school closings on Monday, January 25, and Tuesday, January 26, 2016, will be Monday, February 15 (President’s Day) and Wednesday, June 15, 2016.

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Students and Parents Participate in Family Reading Night at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center

Family Reading Night For the first time, students and their parents were invited to join faculty at Family Reading Night at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center. Principal Mrs. April Reynolds welcomed students and parents to the event, as Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center teachers Mrs. Antoinette Novakovic, Mrs. Marie Lawson, Mr. Jeri Ramagnano, and Mrs. Kara Gaspari demonstrated four different reading and phonics activities at various stations. Parents were taught how to conduct a read aloud, letter naming, sight-word, and first-sound activities that could be used during the long winter break.

“It is important to actively educate students during holiday breaks,” stated Curriculum Supervisor of Language Arts and Social Studies Mrs. Jessica Kilmetz. “Continuing to engage students is essential to keeping students’ educational progression on track.”

Students and parents were also given free books and fun assignments to work on together over the winter break. Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center would like to thank all of the 38 families who attended and made this event a success!

Family Reading Night was one of many Title I events held in the Kennett Consolidated School District throughout the year.

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Saying Thank You to Our School Board Members

Public education is more than just the opportunity to learn basic math, science, English and history; it’s a platform for students to reach their potential. It can inspire hope for a new generation of leaders and provide a foundation for a successful future. The Kennett Consolidated School District exists in part because individuals volunteer their time to make informed decisions about the issues facing public schools.

Every January, we celebrate these everyday heroes – the nine elected School Board members who serve our students and educational system. We do not usually think of School Board members as school volunteers, but they do in fact volunteer to serve. School Board members give their time, energy, and counsel to the District without pay. They take on the job of governing the District, making the best decisions they can for our children, with the full understanding that they will receive only the satisfaction of their contribution.

Their contribution should not be understated. The volunteer efforts of the School Board members have the potential for tremendous benefit to the community as a whole, as well as the lives of students individually. By serving the District in this important governance role, School Board members lay the foundation of the future. The School Board makes difficult decisions for the betterment of our students. Members vote on multi-million dollar budgets, hire staff, select textbooks, review bus schedules and curriculum, to name just a few of the decisions they make for the District.

The men and women who make the time to generously provide this important public service do so because they care. They care about their own children’s education. They care about the schools being the best they can be. They care about the next generation and the future of the community.

School Board members work hard, unpaid and behind the scenes, to guide the District in providing a quality education to more than 4,100 students. January is School Board Recognition Month, and the Kennett Consolidated School District salutes this special group of volunteers — the nine elected members of the School Board.

“Our Board of School Directors is a group of focused volunteers who work to provide our students with the best learning opportunities possible while striving to be fair to our taxpayers,” said Superintendent Dr. Barry Tomasetti. “A Kennett Consolidated School Board member spends a minimum of 15 to 20 hours each month poring over proposed curricula and expenditures and revenue sources that make up our yearly budget. The Kennett Consolidated School District is highly respected and has earned many regional and national honors over the past several years, and along with a dedicated staff, the credit for this success should be attributed to our School Board members.”

The nine dedicated volunteers who make up this year’s Kennett Consolidated School District School Board are (front row L-R) Mr. Joseph Meola, Vice President; Mr. Douglas Stirling; Mr. Michael Finnegan, Treasurer; Mrs. Aline Frank; Mrs. Heather Schaen; (back row L-R) Mr. Rudy Alfonso; Mrs. Janis Reyolds; Mrs. Kendra LaCosta, President; and Mr. Dominic Perigo Jr.

These dedicated volunteers reside in our community. They are our friends, neighbors, community leaders, engaged senior citizens and parents at your school. During this month of recognition we ask you to show your appreciation for their service. Please show your gratitude in some way for their time, effort and dedication to public education’s advancement. Thank them for advocating on behalf of our collective interests and making the difficult decisions. Most importantly, thank them for being everyday heroes and making our students’ success their priority.

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