Students and Parents Participate in Family Reading Night at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center

Family Reading Night For the first time, students and their parents were invited to join faculty at Family Reading Night at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center. Principal Mrs. April Reynolds welcomed students and parents to the event, as Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center teachers Mrs. Antoinette Novakovic, Mrs. Marie Lawson, Mr. Jeri Ramagnano, and Mrs. Kara Gaspari demonstrated four different reading and phonics activities at various stations. Parents were taught how to conduct a read aloud, letter naming, sight-word, and first-sound activities that could be used during the long winter break.

“It is important to actively educate students during holiday breaks,” stated Curriculum Supervisor of Language Arts and Social Studies Mrs. Jessica Kilmetz. “Continuing to engage students is essential to keeping students’ educational progression on track.”

Students and parents were also given free books and fun assignments to work on together over the winter break. Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center would like to thank all of the 38 families who attended and made this event a success!

Family Reading Night was one of many Title I events held in the Kennett Consolidated School District throughout the year.