A Spotlight on KCSD’s Curriculum Supervisors

The Kennett Consolidated School District believes in providing quality education to enable all students to reach their greatest potential. Behind each lesson plan, homework assignment, and exam is a thoughtful process that begins with District curriculum supervisors Dr. Lydia Hallman, math and science, and Mrs. Jessica Kilmetz, language arts and social studies.

As District curriculum supervisors and instructional leaders, Dr. Hallman and Mrs. Kilmetz ensure that the District’s curriculum and resources meet the Pennsylvania Core Standards. Together, they cultivate professional growth and support teachers and administrative teams, working alongside faculty to help develop differentiated learning models.

Differentiated learning involves providing different students in the same classroom with different methods for learning the same material. By considering varied learning needs, teachers can develop personalized instruction so that all children in the classroom can learn effectively.

“As District curriculum supervisors, it is our goal to improve student achievement while implementing best teaching practices,” states Dr. Hallman. “In order to improve student achievement, we focus on developing and implementing differential strategies that will allow us to better meet the needs of our students.”

Mrs. Kilmetz is a graduate of Rutgers University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in anthropology and art history. After graduating, Mrs. Kilmetz worked as an anthropologist for four years before pursuing a career in education. For 15 years she taught English as a Second Language (ESL), language arts, and social studies to students across the United States. She then earned her principal certification from Temple University and worked as an assistant principal for four years before taking her current position, as curriculum supervisor of language arts and social studies in the Kennett Consolidated School District.

Dr. Hallman attended Drexel University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in chemistry. After earning her undergraduate degree, Dr. Hallman worked as an applied research chemist at Henkel Corporation in Ambler, Pennsylvania. After a few years, Dr. Hallman decided to change career paths and went on to earn her master’s and doctorate in educational leadership from Saint Joseph’s University. She began her educational career at Conestoga High School where she taught Advanced Placement and honors science classes. She also served as the school’s assistant principal. Dr. Hallman then accepted her current position as curriculum supervisor of math and science in the Kennett Consolidated School District.

Dr. Hallman and Mrs. Kilmetz play important roles in the education of Kennett Consolidated School District’s students, and it is easy to see that providing a quality education and meeting the needs of all students is their driving inspiration.

When they are not working, they both enjoy spending time with their husbands and children. Both are avid hikers and outdoor sports participants.