A Spotlight on Mrs. Trista Todd

The Kennett Consolidated School District is pleased to welcome Mrs. Trista Todd as the new supervisor of special education. Mrs. Todd joins the Kennett Consolidated School District from the Warwick School District, where she most recently served as an instructional coach with a focus in special education programming.

Mrs. Todd is a graduate of Millersville University, where she earned a bachelor of science in communications and public relations and a master’s degree in elementary education. She then received a certification in special education from West Chester University before earning her second certification in administration and leadership from Temple University.

Mrs. Todd is excited to be a part of the Kennett Consolidated School District. She looks forward to joining the ongoing collaboration among students, families, staff, and the community that makes the District unique.

“One of Kennett Consolidated School District’s greatest assets is our dedicated teaching staff,” Mrs. Todd says. “Our teaching staff’s interest in their students is truly inspiring. Meeting all of these wonderful educators and seeing their dedication truly drives me to work harder each day.”

As the supervisor of special education, Mrs. Todd helps the District provide education in a supportive environment that develops the intellectual, emotional, social, artistic, and physical capabilities of every child. Her role in the District is extensive, providing ongoing support and supervision for new initiatives in the special education department.

“When you work with children, you realize that every day is a ‘wow moment.’ One of my most treasured moments as an educator was watching a young man graduate who I had the pleasure of working with since he was in the first grade,” Mrs. Todd says. “I remained a support system for him and his family throughout his school career and developed a relationship with him that continues today. The caveat with him was that many wondered if, or even how, he would graduate even as far back as the first grade. Sitting with his family at graduation was a moment I will never forget. Moments like this prove that the reason for commitment is no longer abstract, but instead becomes very real!”

Mrs. Todd’s compassion and commitment to the betterment of all children follows her from the hallways to her home and back again. Her favorite thing to do is spending time with her husband John and their children, Adyson and Landis. Together, the family of four enjoys traveling and outdoor activities like hiking and swimming. Mrs. Todd also enjoys watching her children participate in various sports and is an active runner herself.