A Spotlight on Mrs. Lisa Shoemaker

It’s said that the best teachers teach from the heart, a sentiment that captures the impact of Mrs. Lisa Shoemaker, a fourth-grade teacher at New Garden Elementary School. She has taught fourth grade for five years and began her career in the District as a first-grade teacher.

Mrs. Shoemaker has her undergraduate degree in elementary education from West Chester University, where she enjoyed working with kids . While pursuing her master’s degree in reading, writing, and literacy from the University of Pennsylvania, Mrs. Shoemaker was also teaching first grade full time in the Philadelphia School District, putting all of the theory she learned into practice.

When it comes to her work at New Garden, Mrs. Shoemaker performs many roles: “I’m a mom, I’m a nurse, I’m a guidance counselor, and a teacher. I always strive to get to know all my students and make time to talk to them,” she says. “I find they always work better when there is genuine understanding.”

Teaching comes with challenges, including the changing social dynamics of children. “A lot of social struggles begin in fourth grade, and I try to give them the tools to fix it themselves,” she says.

Mrs. Shoemaker also finds rewards in her work. She strives to make her students feel important and create a safe space for them every day. “My students are like my family.” She also enjoys mentoring student teachers. “There are a lot of little moments, where I see them implementing my practices, watching them learn, and learning from them as well.”

Mrs. Shoemaker loves teaching at New Garden and hopes to stay for the rest of her career. “You feel like family. My colleagues would do anything for each other. It’s a good community.”

Mrs. Shoemaker lives in Kennett Township and has two children at Kennett Consolidated High School, Sam, who is in ninth grade, and Isabel, in twelfth grade. She likes walking her dog, reading, taking care of her plants, and spending time with her children.