Kennett High School Seniors Stroll Down Memory Lane

On Thursday, May 30, approximately 300 members of Kennett High School’s Class of 2019 participated in the fourth annual Senior Stroll.

The seniors, clad in their graduation gowns, visited Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center, New Garden Elementary, Greenwood Elementary, Bancroft Elementary, and Kennett Middle School. College-bound graduates also wore T-shirts from their respective colleges and universities under their gowns. The hallways of all buildings were lined with teachers and students cheering on and wishing good luck to the soon-to-be graduates. Members of the graduating class wore name tags that were color-coded based on the elementary school they attended, so former students were easily identifiable as they entered their old school buildings.

Dr. Jeremy Hritz instituted the Stroll in his first year as Kennett High School principal.

“This is a special year for the Stroll because this is the first senior class that would have attended Bancroft Elementary. Our students are excited to reunite with their former teachers and to motivate and inspire the younger students.”

Senior Caleb Pebly, like many of his classmates, has attended Kennett schools for all 13 of the years leading up to this moment. He attended what was then Mary D. Lang Elementary School from kindergarten to fourth grade then moved to Greenwood Elementary School for fifth grade.

​”I’m excited to go back and see how everything has changed,” Caleb said. And I’m anxious to have the chance to say good-bye the right way, to let my teachers know that I truly appreciate everything they did for me.”

Caleb is headed to Penn State this fall.

Kennett High School’s 128th commencement exercises will be held on June 7.

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Grupo de enfoque de búsqueda del superintendente

La Junta de Directores Escolares del Distrito Escolar Consolidado de Kennett está en el proceso de seleccionar un superintendente de escuelas y está buscando opiniones del personal de la escuela, los padres y la comunidad por medio de una serie de grupos de enfoque conducidos por la Unidad Intermedia del Condado de Chester. Los participantes del grupo de enfoque compartirán su experiencia y conocimiento del tipo de líder que el distrito está buscando.

A continuación encontrará el calendario de grupos focales:

Grupo de enfoque de búsqueda del superintendente

Para ayudarnos con la planificación, regístrese en línea en

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Superintendent Search Focus Group

The Board of School Directors for the Kennett Consolidated School District is in the process of selecting a superintendent of schools and is seeking input from school personnel, parents and the community by means of a series of focus groups conducted by the Chester County Intermediate Unit. Focus group participants will share their experience and insight into the type of leader that the district is seeking.

Below please find the schedule of focus groups:

Superintendent Focus Group Schedule

To assist us with planning, please register online at

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Kennett Consolidated School District Superintendent Search Update

Kennett Consolidated School District
Superintendent Search Update
The following is a brief update on the status of the superintendent search. An update will be posted to the District’s website and emailed to parents and staff approximately every two weeks, or more frequently if needed.
Monday, May 6, 2019
The superintendent search is underway. The Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) has been hired to facilitate the process. The timeline for the search has been established. The position has been advertised locally, regionally, and throughout the tristate area, and several applications and numerous inquiries regarding the position have been received. The deadline for applications is June 1, 2019.
To view the superintendent vacancy notice, please visit
In addition, focus groups are being scheduled for mid-May through mid-June for District staff, parents, township and government officials, and the community at large. Details regarding focus groups will be emailed and posted to the District’s website as they are finalized.
The search process is expected to be completed in late summer/early fall in order to have a superintendent who can assume his or her responsibilities in January 2020.
Questions regarding the superintendent search should be directed to Dr. Joseph O’Brien, CCIU executive director, via email at or by calling 484-237-5010.
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