2nd Annual Kennett High School Craft Fair

The second annual Kennett High School Craft Fair will be held on Saturday, May 2, 2020 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm in the Reynolds Gymnasium.There will be a variety of artists, crafters, and vendors from the Kennett community and surrounding cities. Last year, we had over 60 vendors participate! The proceeds from this event benefit both our 9th and 10th grade classes.

  • Click on the banner to visit the website and download an application if you are interested in being a vendor.
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We look forward to seeing you there!

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The Boys and Girls of Fall

Kennett High School enjoyed a thrilling fall season with our students practicing and performing harder than ever. The community came together to support our student-athletes who made new friendships, set new records, and bled Kennett blue with pride.

Field Hockey

The field hockey team won the Ches-Mont American Division for the first time in school history finishing with an overall record of 15-5 (12-2 league record). They shut out Downingtown East in the first-round district playoff with a 4-0 victory, falling to Souderton in the second round.

Senior captain Steph Oleykowski attributes their winning season to everyone being a team player. “No one wants to do everything themselves is what makes our team a whole. Everyone works together towards the same goal and puts in their best effort every time they step onto the field.” Emma Schwartz added, “We worked well as a unit. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and tried to build each other up.”


Team member Sam Davidson says the football team operates as a true family, and this family finished their historic season with an overall record of 11-2 (7-1 league record) and a second place finish in the Ches-Mont American Division. The season included its first-ever victory over Unionville High. Qualifying for the playoffs for the second year running, the team enjoyed its first-ever postseason win in school history, annihilating Chichester with a 31-0 win.

In the second round, we were victorious once again pulling out a thrilling 20-14 win in overtime, advancing the team to the District 1 Semifinals at Cheltenham. Coach Frazier noted that the team created an environment that is intense but also fun. Team member Garrett Cox attributed the team’s winning season to the team’s work ethic. “The whole team was in the weight room all off-season which definitely helped us a lot. Another thing that was different was the attitude of our team. We got into a winning mindset knowing that we can beat powerhouses on any given night.”


The golf team finished with an overall record of 10-5 for the second straight season. Luke Mullen and Nimah Narinesingh-Smith qualified for the District 1 golf tournament. This is the third year in a row that Nimah has qualified for the tournament and the first for Luke.

With no graduating seniors on the golf team, expectations are high for next year.

Cross Country

Team captain Gavin Maxwell made States for the second year and was named first-team all Ches-Mont League. He attributed his success to the strong team unity and the great relationships among the team members. “We truly trust each other that everyone will do their best,” he said.

Girls Tennis

The girls’ tennis team finished with an overall record of 12-3 (9-3 league record). Sophie Lusvardi and Mikaru Kumata finished second in the league tournament advancing to the District Doubles tournament. They defeated Unionville in the first round of the District tournament and lost to Pennsbury in the second round.

The team qualified for the team District tournament and defeated Spring Ford in the first round, losing to overall District Champion Unionville in the second round.

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Virtual Reality at KMS!

Virtual Reality, Is this the Future of Education?

The use of virtual reality in the classroom is taking off having been used for years in universities and vocational schools as a key learning tool. And now we find this technology filtering down to secondary and elementary schools.

Today, I experienced what is perhaps the future of education. As a kid, do you remember playing with a View-Master stereoscope replete with a cache of rotary slides? How times have changed!

Original View Master

The District recently allocated funds toward the purchase of 30 virtual reality headsets and accompany Google Pixel devices. The equipment was purchased in the spring of 2019 and set up during the summer. Today I had the opportunity to visit Mr. Faiss’ sixth grade social studies class at Kennett Middle School where this technology was recently deployed.

Using the Google Expeditions application (which can be downloaded for free), students are able to experience a three-dimensional educational experience, which not only transcends the classroom but can also span the globe and even venture into outer space.

Prior to the start of class, I got a first-hand demonstration of virtual reality. After putting the View-Master up to my eyes, Mr. Faiss took me on a virtual tour of Paris. From a vantage point high above, I could see in three-dimension almost every aspect of the city, from the Seine running through the heart of it, to the Eiffel Tower and government buildings, and lastly its highly urbanized areas. Throughout this tour, Mr. Faiss narrated a social studies lesson focusing on these areas. As he highlighted an area, I was able to follow an arrow and zoom into the area being discussed. I must say, the experience was visually stunning, and I felt fully immersed in the experience.

The Student Experience

As his class funneled into his room, Mr. Faiss had placed one View-Master on each student’s desk, and I could sense the excitement from his students. Today’s lesson centered on the Industrial Revolution. Prior to using the VR equipment, Mr. Faiss showed the students a short introductory video. As students donned the View-Masters, the lesson transitioned from agrarian England all the way through automated manufacturing both in England and in the United States.

Throughout the lesson, students were engaged, and I witnessed a lively interaction between Mr. Faiss and his students. Students were actually able to ‘see’ England in the pre-industrialized era and follow this vein of European and American history through mechanization, urbanization, and into the present-day. Throughout the lesson, as Mr. Faiss focused on certain key topics, students were able to train their VR on the same topic. As the lesson progressed, it became more of a question-and-answer session testing students’ knowledge relating to what they were viewing and how it relates to modern society. All in all, a very interesting lesson.

By: Steve Rinehart, KCSD Technology Department

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KCSD Exploring Later School Start Time for Secondary

Dear School Community,

The Kennett Consolidated School District is beginning to collect feedback from all school stakeholders (parents, students, and staff) regarding the possibility of implementing a later school start time for the high school and middle school. If you are a student, parent, or staff member and have not yet completed the interest survey, please click below to do so.

For more information on the subject, please see the two attached comprehensive studies, Sleep Deprivation In Adolescents: The Case For Delaying Secondary School Start Times, conducted by the Join State Government Commission and High School Students and School Start Times published by the Hanover Research Organization. I also link to a Ted Talk from Dr. Wendy Troxel, a licensed clinical psychologist and certified behavioral sleep medicine specialist, on the importance of sleep for adolescents. We are inviting Dr. Troxel to speak here at Kennett and will keep you apprised of that date. We appreciate your interest and participation as we move forward to make decisions that best serve our students and District as a whole.

Querida comunidad escolar,

El Distrito Escolar Consolidado de Kennett está comenzando a recopilar comentarios de todas las partes interesadas de la escuela (padres, estudiantes y personal) con respecto a la posibilidad de implementar un horario de inicio escolar más tarde para la escuela secundaria y la escuela intermedia. Si es estudiante, padre o miembro del personal y aún no ha completado la encuesta de interés, haga clic en el sitio web de abajo para tomar la encuesta.

Para obtener más información sobre el tema consulte los dos estudios integrales adjuntos; la privación del sueño en adolescentes y La Causa para Retrasar los horarios de inicio de la escuela secundaria, realizado por la Comisión de Gobierno del Estado y los Estudiantes de secundaria y Los horarios de inicio de la escuela, publicados por la Organización de Investigación de Hannover. También enlace a una charla con Ted por parte de la Dra. Wendy Troxel psicóloga clínica con licencia y especialista certificada en medicina conductual del sueño. Hemos invitado al Dra. Troxel para que hable aqui en Kennett sobre la importancia del sueño para los adolescentes. Lo mantendremos informado sobre la fecha. Apreciamos su interés y participación a medida que estemos avanzamos para tomar decisiones que sirvan mejor a nuestros estudiantes y al Distrito en general.

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