Kennett Middle School is on Top of the World

Energy was high as students, faculty, staff, and distinguished guests filled Kennett Middle School’s auditorium to celebrate the school being recognized by the Pennsylvania Don Eichhorn Schools: Schools to Watch program for the second time since 2012.

Sample ImageThe Pennsylvania Schools to Watch program annually recognizes a small number of diverse, high-performing, growth-oriented middle schools that demonstrate academic excellence, developmental responsiveness to the unique challenges of early adolescence, social equity, and school structures and processes that support and sustain the path to excellence. The middle school joins a very select cadre of 31 schools in Pennsylvania and more than 370 schools across the country that have earned the distinction of being Schools to Watch; only four others are located in the Delaware Valley region.

After an enthusiastic welcome by eighth grade students and Student Council members Emma Giancola and Molly Hohner, the eighth grade chorus performed the “Star Spangled Banner” and “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors.

“We are so happy that we have been able to earn this esteemed designation,” Emma and Molly told the audience. “Although this may be our last year, really our last few weeks here, Kennett Middle School has made an impression on us, and we will always carry that with us. All of our experiences here have helped shape us as students, and we could not be more grateful for our time here with the wonderful faculty and student body.”

Sample Image“We will continue to emphasize our strengths while seeking innovative ways to attack our areas of improvement,” Acting Principal Mr. Lorenzo DeAngelis told the audience. “Our goal is to be successful — academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. Becoming a School to Watch was not an easy task, but we’re up to the challenge and look forward to celebrating this wonderful recognition again in 2018.”

Before stepping aside for comments by Kennett Consolidated School District Board member Mr. Joseph Meola, sixth-grade teacher Mrs. Melissa Keer, and Mr. Bruce Vosburgh and Mr. Paul Meck, co-directors of the Pennsylvania Schools to Watch program, Mr. DeAngelis recognized Dr. John Carr for his leadership over the past 37 years. Dr. Carr retired as the middle school’s principal at the end of this academic year.

While unable to attend the celebration, Dr. Barry Tomasetti, superintendent, sent his good wishes, “This award is significant because it recognizes the diligence of everyone involved in advancing the learning of our students: the most worthwhile endeavor that anyone could undertake. Congratulations students. Your academic progress and citizenship are important as you advance through the grades and will continue to be vital assets for the rest of your lives. Keep up your outstanding efforts.”

Before presenting the middle school with its new Schools to Watch banner, Mr. Vosburgh commented that Schools to Watch is about the journey, not the award. “The skills and habits that you gain today will serve you as you progress in your academic career and beyond.”

A highlight of the celebration was a ten-minute video featuring teachers, staff, and students. The video was produced by eighth grade teacher Ms. Brenna Levi and can be seen by clicking here.

The celebration wrapped up with a special appearance by the Philly Phanatic, who engaged students, faculty, and guests while the jazz band played “Moves Like Jagger,” by Maroon 5.

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Students Honored at KHS Award Night

On Wednesday, June 3 the following seniors were recognized for thier academic and athletic accomplishments, as well as their commitment to community service:


One of the most academically competitive endeavors in the Nation is the National Merit Scholarship Program. These winners represent some of the best and brightest minds in the country. These students have met the rigorous academic requirements that confer a distinctive place in representing Kennett High School across the United States.


About 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation have been recognized for their exceptional academic promise. Commended students placed among the top 5% of more than 1.5 million students. Our Commended students are – Matthew Bunke, Stephen Doroba, Laura Elliott, Jacob Ettinger, Arshia Faghri, Phoebe Hertler, Hali Jiang, Jessica Rosenau, Annabelle Schmitt, Zixuan Shen, Kavya Shetty


Approximately 16,000 students throughout the fifty states attain this distinction and include the highest scoring entrants in the state. Our Semifinalists students are – Liam Bonnage and David Lavin


The National Merit Finalists represent less than 1% of U.S. high school seniors and are the highest scoring entrants in the country. Of the 16,000 Semifinalists announced in September, our National Merit Finalists are –
Jonathan Baumel, Nichol Brown, Richard Doty, Katherine Gallivan, Peter O’Sullivan


The $2500 National Merit Scholarships are the awards for which every Finalist is considered. According to a release from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, these finalists are recognized for academic promise and distinguished performance in the 2015 competition. Our recipients are – Jonathan Baumel and Peter O’Sullivan


Presented to a senior who has exhibited academic excellence and service to the school and community and who will continue his/her education majoring in business or a business-related field. The recipient is Jonathan Sweet


Given to a graduating student who has been active as a volunteer in their community and shown a strong commitment to continuing his/her education. The recipient is Katherine Gallivan


Recognizes our student’s Academy appointment. This year’s appointee is Kirsten Sharp


Recognizes our student’s Academy appointment. This year’s appointee is Graceanna Werner


Recognizes our students’ Academy appointments. This year’s appointees are Hannah Shiflet and Thomas Spell


A national-level Certificate of Merit Program to recognize and honor high school girls who have demonstrated excellence in the study of both mathematics and science, and are active citizens of the school and/or community. Highest Honor – Julie Bates; High Honor – Erin Dooley; Honor – Megan Tandarich


Presented to the “junior or senior class” member of the Demon Robotics Team who has made outstanding contributions to the team and has completed an essay describing what he/she has gained from being part of the team. The recipient is Joseph Nardozzi


Awarded to Kennett High School students of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. The winner will be offered summer and holiday employment at Fulton Bank while attending college. The winner may also be offered full-time employment at Fulton Bank through the Fulton Financial Corporation Management Trainee Program. The recipient is Paige Reynolds


Given to outstanding English as Second Language students. Senior ESL Award recipients are Ana Corona Mata, Crystal Molina Carlos, Daniel Garduno Valle, and Luis Sanchez-Mendoza

WIN (Walk In kNowledge) SCHOLARSHIPS

Awarded to students who have been active members of the program throughout their high school career and who are pursuing a college degree. Recipients are Pamela Castillo-Herrera, Yanira Cintora Lopez, Cristian Cordova Bernal, Rodrigo Cordova-Pedroza, Viviana Diaz Perez, Yovani Lemus Ramirez, Adrian Lopez Orozco, Luis Lopez Torres, Guadalupe Martinez, Monica Mata-Lopez, Alejandra Orozco, Cecilia Renteria Mojica, Tania Rodriguez Cintora, and Erik Sandoval


Presented to the students who have participated in WIN activities during their senior year and who are pursuing a college degree. Recipients are Blanca Aguilar Acuna, Ruth Aguilera, Cristina Avellaneda-Valente, Emanuel Bernal Mondragon, Erick Calixto Corona, Jonathan Camarena Zavala, Esbeiry Cordova Ortiz, Juan Garcia Lopez, Lizheth Hernandez Nieto, Cristal Mondragon, Yuleidy Ortiz Bernal, Abraham Villagomez Zavala, and Diana Villagomez Zavala


Presented to English-Language Learner students who participated in WIN activities during their senior year and who are pursuing a college degree.Recipients are Ana Corona Mata, Daniel Garduno Valle, Yesica Gonzalez Arellano, Crystal Molina Carlos, Andrea Navarro Perez, Dennise Rojas Vergara, Luis Sanchez-Mendoza, and Gloria Villagomez Cortez


Awarded to the students who have been active members of the Hermanitas program throughout their high school career and who are pursuing a college degree.Recipients are Pamela Castillo-Herrera, Viviana Diaz Perez, Guadalupe Martinez, Monica Mata-Lopez, Lucero Montero Acosta, Alejandra Orozco, Cecilia Renteria Mojica, and Tania Rodriguez Cintora


Awarded to WIN students who give back to their community and who are pursuing a college degree.Recipients are Guadalupe Martinez and Tania Rodriguez Cintora


Presented to the students who worked closely with Kennett Run Charities to promote the “FundRun” in all of the schools of the Kennett Consolidated School District. Recipients are Ruth Aguilera, Sabina Carbajal, Pamela Castillo-Herrera, Esbeiry Cordova Ortiz, Rodrigo Cordova Pedrozo, Viviana Diaz Perez, Guadalupe Martinez, Monica Mata-Lopez, Lucero Montero Acosta, Alejandra Orozco, Yuleidy Ortiz Bernal, Cecilia Renteria Mojica, Tania Rodriguez Cintora


Presented to a student who went above and beyond while working with Kennett Run Charities. Recipient is Adrian Lopez Orozco


Awarded to a WIN student who shows exceptional character and whose words and gestures mirror the Rotary motto: Service above Self. Recipient is Cecilia Renteria Mojica


Presented to students with an un-weighted cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher and must be planning to enter a human healthcare-related profession. This year’s recipients are Kaitlyn Buchanan, Katherine Gallivan, and Hali Jiang


Designed to recognize those high school students who possess the character, courage, and competencies to effect positive change. This award was presented at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. This year’s recipient is Erin Dooley


Awarded to an outstanding student in the junior class who displays excellence in scholarship and high character, combined with achievement in other fields. This year’s recipient is Tolulope Adetayo


Givento students who posses strong leadership skills and who have made the biggest contribution to the Humanitarian Club. Recipients are Marisa Maxwell and Kavya Shetty


Established to recognize outstanding patronage of the Media Center unlike any other student and/or faculty member. Recipients are Ana Corona Mata and Crystal Molina Carlos


Given to our Media Center volunteers who have volunteered at least ten hours of service to the library. Recipients are Curtis Barlow, Karen Estrada-Fuentes, Taylor Hernandez, Celia Hervas, Nallely Lemus Camacho, Emily Mallon, and Marisa Mazzulo


Given to the students who have made the largest commitment to the library in terms of both service performed and time volunteered. Recipients are Sofia Rios Mendoza, Guadalupe Ruiz Paniagua, and Enrique Torres Romano


Awarded for excellence in band, chorus and/or orchestra. For Excellence in Band – Yvonna Liszewski; For Excellence in Chorus – Samantha Anthony; For Excellence in Orchestra – Julie Bates


Awarded to graduating seniors for excellence in band, chorus and/or orchestra. For Excellence in Band – Alexander Knotts; For Excellence in Chorus – Colby Reeves; For Excellence in Orchestra – Laura Elliott

For Excellence in Band, Orchestra & Chorus: Katherine Bolten, Elizabeth Dawyot, Peter Lattanzio, and Colby Reeves


Givento a graduating senior for outstanding musicianship, leadership, and spirit in Chorus. This year’s recipient is Marisa Maxwell


Givento a graduating senior for outstanding musicianship, leadership, and spirit in Band. This year’s recipient is Hayley Lattanzio


Givento a graduating senior for outstanding services in a variety of ways to the entire Music Department. This year’s recipient is Hannah Geller


Awarded to both a senior female and male athlete who is recognized for their excellence in both scholarship and athletic achievement. This year’s recipients are Cali Beeson and Griffin Dight


Awarded to both a senior female and male athlete who will continue their education, exemplified the concept of a “team player” and exhibited a dedication to teamwork and the spirit of cooperation in competition. This year’s recipients are Amalija Jurcik and Bryan Cook


Awarded to both a senior female and male athlete who will pursue a post high school education, served as an exemplary role model and showed enthusiasm and dedication. This year’s recipients are Deryn Schuck, Madison Schuck, Jake Rose, and Thomas Spell


Awarded to the senior female athlete and THE MILMAN E. PRETTYMAN PRIZE

Awarded to the senior male athlete for outstanding sportsmanship. This year’s recipients are Myia Bonifacino-Jackson, Chloe Chapman, and Michael Boulden


Awarded to the senior female athlete and THE FRANK W. GRAFF CUP

Awarded to the senior male athlete who has rendered outstanding athletic service during their senior year. This year’s recipients are Aimee Armitage, Kaitlyn Buchanan, Brady O’Neill, and Michael Uhle


Awarded to the senior female athlete and THE WILLIAM A. SHOEMAKER MEMORIAL CUP

Awarded to the senior male athlete who, in the judgment of the coaches, has demonstrated individual proficiency and unusual effort in a sport. This year’s recipients are Haeli McCabe and Jackson Hyland


Awarded to the senior female athlete and THE RAYMOND M. MOYNIHAN TROPHY

Awarded to the senior male athlete who has a combination of athletic ability, academic achievement and outstanding school service. This year’s recipients are Kirsten Sharp and Kevin Godzik


Awarded to the senior female athlete and THE ROBERT C. ROSELLE CUP

Awarded to the senior male athlete who has been actively involved in two or more Kennett High School activities, one of which being a sport. The recipients have also made a considerable contribution to the Kennett Community. This year’s recipients are Hannah Shiflet,
Jacob Goudy,and Matthew Petrick


Awarded to both a senior female and male athlete who has earned the school letter and has contributed the most to athletics during their entire high school career. This year’s recipients are Katherine Gallivan and Nicholas Meola


Awarded for scholastic excellence and personal achievement. This year’s recipient is Peter O’Sullivan


Honors our junior class recipient with the Rensselaer Medal Award Certificate for outstanding academic achievement in the study of mathematics and science. This year’s recipient is John Libert


Presented to students who have outstanding attendance records.

9th Grade: Natalia Alvarez, Andrew Brooks, Marco Estrada Vega, Juan Gonzalez, Jake Kalscheur, Keiri Lemus Ramirez, Everardo Ortiz Ayllon, Elizabeth Rauscher, Arielle Smith, Carleigh Smith, and Anneliese Werner

10th Grade: Olivia Donia, Luis Juarez Ibarra, Andrew Massetti, Dago Rodriguez Villagomez, Eduardo Sotelo-Vivero, India Turner, and Jorge Zamores

11th Grade: Tolulope Adetayo, Sean Connolly, Javier Juarez Mendez, Andrew Kim, Justin Melton, Abigail Moreno Mendiola, Yulisa Oseguera Lopez, George Plumley, and Jonathan Sanchez Mendoza

12th Grade: Katherine Gallivan, Johnathon Ganly, William Hodges, Timothy Louie


Presented to students who gave their time mentoring kindergarten students at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center. This year’s recipients are Blanca Aguilar Acuna, Peyton Arcieri, Jillian Baxter, Maritza Bernal Bernal, Katherine Bontrager, Rebecca Bulgarelli, Jordan Burns, Erick Calixto Corona, Abigail Church, Yanira Cintora Lopez, Morgan Cuddyre, Diego Guadarrama Herrera, Ryan Hamilton, David Lavin, Guadalupe Martinez, Julianne Matthias, Marisa Maxwell, Lucero Montero Acosta, Hannah Sirusas, and Gloria Villagomez Cortez


Givento both one male and one female senior who best exhibit characteristics of leadership, courage, and scholarship. Communities thrive when people go beyond what is asked of them and make an effort to help all. These citizens have demonstrated an inspiring commitment to school and country. This year’s recipients are Kavya Shetty and Rory Bowens


Honors an outstanding young person in the senior class who demonstrates qualities of a good citizen. Our school winner of the prestigious DAR Good Citizen Award was recognized for her dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. This year’s recipient is Katherine Gallivan


Honors an outstanding young person in the senior class who demonstrates qualities of a good citizen such as dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism. This year’s recipient is Peter O’Sullivan


Salutes for academic excellence. Our recipient participated in the WPVI-TV Channel 6 ABC taping for “Best of the Class of 2015” at Temple University. This year’s “Best of the Class” is Zixuan Shen


Sponsored by the Student Services Company and is givento a student who exemplifies the qualities of Leadership, Scholarship, and School Service. This year’s recipient is Peter Lattanzio

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Franklin & Marshall honors KHS’ Joseph O’Sullivan

Mr. Joseph O’Sullivan, a member of the Social Studies Department at Kennett High School, was the winner of the Franklin & Marshall College High School Teacher Award. The award was presented at the Senior Awards Ceremony for the Class of 2015, May 8, at the Barshinger Center for the Musical Arts.

Mr. O’Sullivan was nominated by a former student, Ms. Leah Brenner who received her Franklin & Marshall diploma the next day, May 9. Leah is a member of Kennett High School’s Classof 2011, and earned her undergraduate degree (B.A. in American Studies) after following a pre-law course of study, Ms. Brenner will be attending Duke Law School in the Fall.

In her notification to Mr. O’Sullivan, Deborah M. Martin, Director of Protocol & Events and Associate Secretary of the College, explained: “This award is a tradition at Franklin & Marshall College and was set up to honor some of this country’s outstanding high school teachers over Commencement Weekend. We owe you a great debt of gratitude for your work to develop the greatness in each of your students and prepare them for success in college and beyond.

When asked why she nominated Mr. O’Sullivan for the award, Ms. Brenner replied, “I nominated Mr. O’Sullivan because he taught his students life skills as well as subject matter. Knowing how to study for a midterm and how to impress on a job interview are important lessons. Even though my career will not directly relate to the classes Mr. O’Sullivan taught, I constantly draw on the knowledge I learned in his classroom. Furthermore, Mr. O’Sullivan always went out of his way to help students — not just me, but many of my friends and peers — in any way we needed. Whether we needed lunch money, a reference, or something more serious, Mr. O’Sullivan was always available.”

Each year members of the graduating class are asked to nominate a teacher who made an extraordinary impact on their education, whether by fostering their love of a particular discipline, encouraging them to stretch their abilities to their limit, or helping them navigate a difficult subject or challenging time in their life. You were selected by a Committee of students, faculty and administrators from the many nominations received.”

Mr. O’Sullivan and a guest were invited to the ceremony where he was asked to stand to be recognized and received a cash prize of $500, along with a citation paying tribute to his teaching and dedication. Mr. O’Sullivan took his mother, Bobbie O’Sullivan, as his guest.

Reacting to the award, Mr. O’Sullivan said, “I was very pleasantly surprised to receive the letter from Dr. Martin. I did not even know that I had been nominated.” As for the ceremony itself, Mr. O’Sullivan remarked upon his experience, “This was my first time to their campus. We enjoyed a great catered picnic lunch along with all of the graduating seniors and their families. It very clearly is a school with a fantastic academic program and it was very inspiring to see so many students receive their awards. When they called my name I felt very privileged to be a small part of the F&M community. What a neat place!” And on having his mother there to share the day, he said, “My father had passed away unexpectedly two days before we learned about the award. Honestly, my mom cried with joy. The award was a gift during a really rough week.”

The citation, prepared by the Awards Committee, was supported by the following statement and career history that reveals much about the award winner:

Joseph O’Sullivan’s teaching philosophy is built on engagement. He meets each student who comes through his door at Kennett High School regardless of their academic or social standing. When asked about his approach as an educator, Mr. O’Sullivan says, “I view it as my duty to help my pupils move up to the next level, whether preparing for an AP course as a sophomore or learning to speak English with a relative degree of confidence in front of their peers. I have a deep respect for the pressure that today’s youth is under on a 24-hour cycle. My pupils’ personal wellbeing is more important than any historical fact that I may impart to them.”

Mr. O’Sullivan’s path to the teacher’s lectern was a winding one, albeit personally enlightening. He earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Penn State University, launching him into a 15-year sports marketing career for top global firms, of which he was a pioneer at the Manhattan firm Momentum Worldwide, at the time the world’s largest entertainment and promotion agency. He rose to senior vice president, worked with major sports leagues, and represented global clients at the Atlanta, Sydney and Salt Lake City Olympic Games. He then spent a year as vice president of sales and marketing for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team.

After his time in advertising, Mr. O’Sullivan decided to return home to Kennett Square to reflect on his future. He was a stay-at-home dad for three years while attending night school at Neumann University, where he earned a master’s of science degree in educational leadership. Mr. O’Sullivan has taught in the Kennett Consolidated School District for nine years, including one year as a fifth-grade teacher and four years as a business education teacher at Kennett High School, where for the last four years he has been a social studies teacher.

He still keeps a hand in sports, working with the high school’s athletic department as scorekeeper for the boys’ soccer, basketball and lacrosse teams. Mr. O’Sullivan also works with Hispanic students in Walk in Knowledge, an afterschool study club. As a teacher, Mr. O’Sullivan’s influence is deep and abiding. Non-judgmental, he is known to loan students lunch money and use the opportunity to teach them about credit. He once advised a student against dropping out, but also made sure the student had a job, a car and insurance before leaving”He knew how to speak to every individual in exactly the correct way,” one student says of Mr. O’Sullivan. “He held everyone to the same bar and never discriminated based on a student’s intellect or manners. ‘Mr. O’ taught me that while persistence accomplishes goals, those goals are only worth accomplishing if one also has humility. Most of all, he taught us because he loved to teach.”

Joseph O’Sullivan, for your devotion to improving the lives of young people, your tireless dedication as a teacher, and your desire to instill in your students the skills they need to seek deeper meaning and understanding in their studies and in life, Franklin & Marshall College bestows upon you the High School Teacher Award.

Ms. Brenner took Introduction to Personal Finance with Mr. O’Sullivan and also was an active FBLA member when Mr. O’Sullivan was the chapter adviser. As a high school junior Ms. Brenner placed 8th in the state in Public Speaking II and came in 1st in Impromptu Speaking in her senior year. Leah also was captain of the cheerleaders her senior year, active in the musical all 4 years with a starring role in her senior year.

This article was written by Kim Chiomento, originally appeared on The Times of Chester County’s website, and was reprinted with permission.

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Kennett Education Association Recognizes Top Students

Sample Image

The Kennett Education Association (KEA) held it 24th Annual Scholarship and Awards Reception to recognize outstanding students for their academic merit and school citizenship.  These students represent the excellence that the members of the Association encourage in the Kennett Consolidated School District.

The Kennett Education Association is the professional organization of teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, school nurses and school social workers of the Kennett Consolidated School District.  Each year members of KEA select students from different levels and disciplines for special recognition for their outstanding academic achievements and school citizenship qualities.  The awards are funded by contributions from members of KEA.  This event represents over $7000 in support by members.

Receiving awards for their accomplishments at the elementary level were fifth graders Lainee Foester and Luke Summa (Bancroft Elementary School), Kaila Haenn and Luke Augustine (Greenwood Elementary School), and Curie Cha and Jackson Hannon (New Garden Elementary School).  These students were awarded certificates and $50 book gift cards.

Recognized for their performance at Kennett Middle School were eighth graders Emily Augustine and Davis Piercy who received certificates and $100 book gift cards.

Earning accolades at the high school level for excellence throughout their high school careers in their disciplines were seniors Jonathan Sweet (Business Education), Laura Elliot (English), Jailis Caraballo (Family and Consumer Science), Andrew Luebbe (Fine Arts), Richard Doty (Mathematics), Marisa Maxwell (Music), P.J. O’Sullivan (Technical Arts), and Tiana Santos (World Languages).  Arshia Faghri earned awards in two disciplines (Science and Social Studies).  Each of these awards carried with it a check for $200.

Association President Michael Kelly presented the most prestigious award of the evening to senior Jacqueline Pizzini who will be pursuing a teaching career.  Mr. Kelly welcomed Jackie into the profession and commended her for her dedication to building the future.  Ms. Pizzini will major Early Education and Special Education at West Chester University.  In her application letter, Pizzini noted that it had been her long time dream to be a teacher.

Mr. Kelly remarked, “Jacqueline has stayed true to her dream because many of her life experiences have nurtured that dream.  She has been a camp counselor, a peer counselor, a participant in La Communidad Hispana’s Vive Tu Vida, a member of Kennett High School’s Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) club, and a student at the Teacher Academy at the Technical College High School (TCHS).”

As part of her TCHS experience, Jacqueline spent three months working with third graders and with her former teacher at New Garden Elementary School, Mrs. Beth Decker, who spoke about the experience, “During her time with us, Jacqueline worked with the students in small groups or individually.  They would get so excited if they knew it was their day to get to work with Miss Pizzini.  She is a natural.  We even got to make our television debuts together this year.  Jacqueline was chosen to be the featured Teacher Academy student for a promotional video for the program that was broadcast across the county.”

Mr. Kelly presented Ms. Pizzini with scholarship money in the amount of $5000 to be paid over her four years of college.

A reception hosted by KEA followed the presentations.

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KHS Dress Down Day Supports Sunshine Fund

This picture shows members of the Kennett High School faculty who, as a tribute to Mr. Scott Hammell, “dressed like Scott” in conjunction with a Dress Down Day (fundraiser day for the Sunshine Fund).Sample Image

Mr. Scott Hammel was a long-time employee in maintenance at the high school and left service after more than 12 years.  He was well loved by the students (as evidenced by a yearbook dedicated to him by one class) and was an innovator in his job.  He is a welder by trade and was able to repair and manufacture items needed by the school.  He invented and manufactured a “desk dolly” to transport desks through the building when they were in need of repair. He also constructed stands that are used in the stadium for official scoring and timing.  These would have cost the District thousands of dollars if they had been purchased ready-made through an supplier of athletic equipment, but Mr. Hammell was able to build them for far less.

Mr. Hammell was a frequent contributor to the art shows at the high school.  His welded and crafted creations sold easily and benefitted the Art Department.  Students saw him as a friend, a talented artist and craftsman, and a man of integrity whom they could look up to.

Scott Hammell was far more than employee.  He was one of us, true Kennett Blue through and through.  He is missed.


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U.S. News & World Report Names KHS One of the Best

The Kennett Consolidated School District is proud to announce that U.S. News & World Report has deemed Kennett High School one of America’s Best High Schools. Kennett High School ranked 32 of 216 schools in the Commonwealth and 1,307 of 19,753 in the country that were eligible for ranking.

According to the publication’s website, to produce the 2015 Best High Schools rankings, U.S. News & World Report teamed with North Carolina–based RTI International, a global, nonprofit social science research firm. The comprehensive rankings methodology is based on the key principles that a great high school must serve all of its students well, not just those who are college bound, and that it must be able to produce measurable academic outcomes to show it is successfully educating its student body across a range of performance indicators.

A three-step process is used to determine the best high schools:
•    The first step determined whether each school’s students were performing better than statistically expected for students in their state.
•    For schools passing the first step, the second step assessed whether their disadvantaged students—black, Hispanic and low income—were outperforming disadvantaged students in the state.
•    Finally, schools that made it through the first two steps became eligible to be judged nationally on the final step—college-readiness performance—using Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate test data as the benchmarks for success, depending on which program was largest at the school.

Kennett Consolidated School District Superintendent Dr. Barry Tomasetti said, “The credit for this honor first goes to our hardworking students who challenge themselves by selecting and excelling at our most rigorous courses. Additionally, I would like to congratulate the parents of our students because their emphasis on the importance of taking advantage of high-quality educational opportunities has resulted in many of our students excelling as students in Kennett schools and beyond. Finally, I have a deep appreciation for our faculty, staff, and administration. These dedicated educators expect the best from our students and dedicate their lives to providing an outstanding learning environment for all our students.

For more information on the U.S. News & World Report ranking process and details on Kennett High School’s ranking click here.

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Taxpayer Information – Important Announcement

Effective July 1, 2015, the District’s real estate taxes will be billed and collected by Keystone Collections Group.

What will change?

  1. The tax bill form.
  2. Payments will be made to Keystone Collections Group instead of Kennett Consolidated School District and mailed to Keystone Collections Group, P. O. Box 529, Irwin, PA 15642
  3. Taxpayers will be able to pay in person at Keystone’s Downingtown Office located at 144 Wallace Avenue, Downingtown, PA 19335. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. and the telephone number is 610-269-4402. Tax payments will no longer be accepted at Fulton Bank in Kennett Square.
  4. Taxpayers will be able to pay with debit and credit cards or directly from bank accounts via ACH using Keystone Collections Group website. Payments will no longer be processed through the KCSD tax office or website.
  5. Taxpayer inquiries will be handled by Keystone Collections Group, 888-519-3903.

What will remain the same?

  1. Payment due dates
  2. Installment payment option
  3. 2% Discount until August 31 and 10% penalty after October 31.
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Kennett High School Inducts National Honor Society Members

The Kennett High School Blue and White Chapter of the National Honor Society welcomed 2014-15 inductees at a ceremony and reception this spring.

Chapter adviser Dr. Alicia Tamargo opened the program. National Honor Society members from the Class of 2015 highlighted the qualities expected of members:  Kevin Godzik (Character), Nichol Brown (Scholarship), Aimee Armitage (Leadership), Kirsten Sharp (Service).

Dr. Tomorrow Jenkins, Assistant Principal, called the role of inductees who were welcomed into the Chapter: Jonathan Baumel, Lillian Clark, Elizabeth Dawyot, Stephen Doroba, Hannah Huzar, Alison Jury, Jennifer Kim, Peter Lattanzio, Guadalupe Martinez, Heather McDonald, Alicia Saraceno, and Madison Schuck (seniors); Tolulope Adetayo, Samantha Anthony, Codie Armitage, Julie Bates, Kitty Battalora, Christian Beveridge, Casey Bruno, Michael Claricurzio, Kara Clarke, Erin Dooley, Bridget Duffy, Madaline Dungey, Kira Dzedzy, Nicholas Ferranto, Christina Fucci, River Gheen-Regouski, Athena Grivas, Amanda Haid, Lauren Hauptschien, Benjamin Henry, Dennon Hoernig, Emma Hopkins, Jessica Hussey, Maria Kaliakin,, Ananya Kapur, Saarang Karandikar, Casey Kollmeier, Christopher Kreicker, Zoe Livingston, Alexander Mark, Julianne Matthias, Connor McGlone, Braden Miller, Dylan Munson, Rebecca Ploener, Angelique Raezer, Emma Rasero, Aubrey Robinson, Jacob Saltzberg, Colleen Sheehan, Becca Shoemaker, Duncan Smith, Dana Solomon, Megan Tandarich, Joseph Wikol, and Alexander Wilson (juniors).

Mr. Raymond Fernandez, Assistant Principal, called the role of the existing members of the Chapter. These students were inducted into the Society last year:  Emily Adelman, Kierstin Anderson, Aimee Armitage, Cali Beeson, Katherine Bolten, Rory Bowens, Nichol Brown, Kaitlyn Buchanan, Rebecca Bulgarelli, Abigail Church, Hannah Dale, Laura Elliott, Arshia Faghri, Katherine Gallivan, Johnathon Ganly, Hannah Geller, Kevin Godzik, Olivia Hartman, Phoebe Hertler, Hali Jiang, April Lin, Marisa Maxwell, Haeli McCabe, Peter O’Sullivan, Tania Rodriguez Cintora, Jessica Rosenau, Annabelle Schmitt, Deryn Schuck, Kirsten Sharp, Zixuan Shen, Kavya Shetty, Hannah Shiflet, Thomas Spell, and Jonathan Sweet (seniors).  Carlos Aldrete, a new student this year, was welcomed as a member of the Blue and White Chapter.  He was inducted into the National Honor Society last year in his former school.

Following the induction ceremony and roll call, Principal Michael Barber administered the pledge of honor and Dr. Tamargo announced the newly elected officers for 2015-16:  Megan Tandarich (President), Becca Shoemaker (Vice President), Kitty Battalora (Secretary), Joseph Wikol (Treasurer), and Erin Dooley (Historian).  A reception followed.

Members of the Blue and White Chapter must demonstrate and maintain high standards of the four hallmarks of the National Honor Society:  scholarship, leadership, character and service.  Throughout the year, members of the National Honor Society members participate in service activities including tutoring and fund raising.  This year they have organized two blood drives for the American Red Cross, volunteered in many community events like the Red Clay Cleanup and the Mushroom Festival, and raised money to combat childhood leukemia and to support the Kennett Food Cupboard.  The group has also sponsored social activities at the high school, including this month’s Glow Dance.    

Members of the Blue and White Chapter became eligible by posting a 3.75 grade point average (GPA) by the second semester of their junior year.  Additional qualities of character, leadership and service were assessed by the faculty of Kennett High School and reviewed by members of the National Honor Society Faculty Council, chosen by the Principal from among the faculty and serving for a period of years.  This year’s Faculty Council included Carol Aiken, Colleen Allen, Rachel Ceci, Hannah Ciceu, Jodi Davidson, William Fritsch, Kimberly Guarneri, Theresa Indiveri, Lisa Kochmansky, Stephanie Lluna-Garces, Jeffrey Moreau, Joseph O’Sullivan, Michael Replogle, Robert Wagner, and Michael Waite.

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KHS Future Business Leaders Head for Nationals

Kennett High School’s FBLA Network Design Team and an individual competitor in Agribusiness advanced out of state competition to the Future Business Leaders of America National Conference and Competition to be held in Chicago, June 27-July 3.  According to the FBLA Web site, “This conference is considered the pinnacle of the FBLA experience.”

The Network Design Team of Sean Huezo, Saarang Karandikar, and Michael Yue (all juniors) placed first in the state level competition, April 12-15 in Hershey.  At the national level the team will have to complete an objective online test of competencies including network installation, problem solving and trouble shooting, network administration, configuration of Internet resources, backup and recovery, and configuration of network resources.  The 15 teams with the highest objective test scores will move on to the final round in which the team is given a case study and 20 minutes to prepare a response and solution to the situation presented.

The team has a great deal of experience working together.  All three are members of the Robotics Team and the Marching Band.  Karandikar and Yue are also tennis teammates and doubles partners.

Freshman Benjamin Jordan qualified to the national competition by placing fourth at the state competition in a brand new event, Agribusiness.  This event recognizes FBLA members who demonstrate an understanding of, and skill in, basic agribusiness concepts and procedures.  The objective portion of the competition will focus on economics, finance and accounting, environmental management, marketing, terminology and trends. 

Jordan remarked, “I was very surprised by my success at the state level.  The questions covered everything: accounting, terms like ‘intramuscular injection’, and future market planning for anything from fiber based clothing to food.”

Jordan also participates in Mock Trial and Model UN at the high school.  He is interested in pursuing a career in actuarial science.

Also finishing in the top ten at the State Leadership Conference, but not qualifying to nationals, were:  the team of Becca Shoemaker, Amanda Haid, and Lauren Hauptschein (Business Ethics); the team of Nichol Brown, Maggie O’Sullivan, Alex Mark, and Phoebe Hertler (Parliamentary Procedures); the team of Richard Doty, Arshia Faghri, and Zach Shen (Global Business); Jon Sweet (Business Procedures).

The Kennett High School Chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America is advised by Business Department Teacher Bill Fritsch who accompanied the students to the conference in Hershey.  Fellow business teacher Chanel August also served as chaperone more than thirty KHS FBLA members who qualified to state competition from the regional level.  In addition to those named above, regional qualifiers included Leo Battalora, Cody Brown, P.J. O’Sullivan, Julie Bates, Mairead O’Sullivan, Kavya Shetty, Jackie Tucker, Drew Church, Zach Hrenko, Ryan Salameda, Charles Shattuck, Aliyah Asel, Maggie O’Sullivan, Pearl Battalora, Erin Dooley, Hannah Huzar, Ananya Kapur, and April Lin.

The students moving on to the national competition will be accompanied by Amanda O’Connor, a member of the Social Studies Department.

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A Spotlight on Mr. David Jones


After the classrooms have gone dark and the hallways are quiet, Greenwood Elementary School’s building supervisor, Mr. Dave Jones, and his team go to work preparing the school for the next day. Mr. Jones has been with the Kennett Consolidated School District since December 1999. After a brief time working in central maintenance, he was moved to Greenwood Elementary School.

“Everyone at Greenwood is fantastic,” he commented. “The teachers and administrators are great to work with, and I truly enjoy the kids.”

As the building supervisor, Mr. Jones oversees a night team of three people. In the summer, his team includes an additional college student or two. During the school year, his responsibilities include ensuring that the building operates smoothly and that everyone is comfortable and safe. In addition to making sure the building is clean, he makes or oversees repairs.

During the summer, Mr. Jones and his team clean every square inch of the building, including walls, windows, and blinds. All of the floors are stripped and waxed. “Our summer cleaning is more thorough than what can be done during the school year,” he explains. “The goal is for the building to be shiny and new for the first day of school.”

Prior to joining the Kennett Consolidated School District, Mr. Jones worked for 23 years at Service Star where he did everything except drive a truck. He holds his associate’s degree in business from Immaculata University. He attended Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology with his brother-in-law where he earned his heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, or HVAC, certification; his brother-in-law works with the Unionville Area School District.

Mr. Jones grew up in Cochranville. He and his wife, Sue, have two teenage daughters and a menagerie of animals. “We have goats, a horse, chickens, ducks, and two dogs,” he said. “My wife calls our place Green Acres!”

He and his family are very active with their church, Hephzibah Baptist Church in Coatesville. He is looking forward to chaperoning their Miracle Mountain Trip in August. Mr. Jones also enjoys fishing. His largest catch was a 42-inch barracuda that he caught in the Bahamas.

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