Kennett High School Students Exhibit Work

Last week Kennett High School artists displayed their talents for their fellow students, teachers, staff, and the Kennett community. The show, held in the school’s auxiliary gym, was open to the public for viewing on Wednesday evening, and students and staff also had the opportunity to attend the show during the school day on Thursday.

The show included works from all visual arts classes within the Fine Arts Department, as well as the art honor society and the photo club. Teachers Mrs. Jodi Davidson, Mr. Tom Hironimus, and Mrs. Kathy Caputo Nelms guided their students through the creation and exhibition of their artwork; all three teachers are undeniably impressed by their students.

Mrs. Caputo Nelms said, “The artwork created by the students of Kennett High School is amazing. The exhibit featured a variety of drawings, paintings, photography, ceramics, and graphic designs. There was also a closing reception held by the Art Honor Society, attended by student artists, family, and friends.”

“Kennett High School art students are extremely hard working and incredibly talented. They are dedicated to getting better every day and being the best they can be. It is a blessing to be surrounded by such enthusiastic and committed students,” added Mr. Hironimus.

“The Kennett High School students in our Ceramics classroom constantly amaze me with their dedication, creativity, and willingness to explore new techniques and challenge themselves daily. I love working with the kids here at KHS, and each day is a new opportunity for everyone to continue to learn and grow as a student of life,” said Ms. Davidson.

Mr. Charlie Lewis, former Kennett Middle School teacher who creates etchings, and Mrs. Ellen Catanzaro, a painter and parent of junior art student, Claire, also displayed their work and were available to talk to students. And, the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) used the opportunity to disseminate information and raise funds for the organization.

By all accounts, the show was a success. High school principal Dr. Jeremy Hritz observed, “The talents of our students are undeniable, and they were on full display at this year’s Art Show. It was an enjoyable experience to see the passion and creativity of our students embodied in the various works of art. KHS students are simply amazing.”

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A Spotlight on Mrs. Colleen Thurmond

Avid readers agree that to open your mind, you need only open a book. Mrs. Colleen Thurmond, the Response to Intervention (RtII) Teacher at New Garden Elementary School, teaches students to use reading this way.

Mrs. Thurmond has taught everything from preschool to fifth grade in her 32-year career; 29 of those years have been at New Garden Elementary. She attended West Chester University and received her undergraduate degree in elementary education before receiving her master’s in literacy, allowing her to become a reading specialist.

“At each opportunity, I’ve learned so much about teaching,” explains Mrs. Thurmond. “I constantly strive to try new positions to learn more at every level. It has been a lot of fun to explore different opportunities.”

Mrs. Thurmond knew early on that she loved education, so after college she went right into teaching at the preschool level in Connecticut. Next, she got a classroom teaching position in South Carolina. She loves Southeastern Pennsylvania, so she moved back and got a job at Kennett Consolidated School District as a fifth-grade teacher. She has been with the District ever since. While her primary focus is on reading, she also enjoys teaching math, social studies, and science.

“When I first started teaching, I wanted to learn more about how kids learn to read,” says Mrs. Thurmond. “I was intrigued by the learning process. Response to Intervention covers reading, writing, and math. This approach looks at the whole child to see how they’re progressing across the board. Every aspect is considered. We even look to see if their behavior could be affecting their learning.”

Mrs. Thurmond puts interventions and strategies in place to be sure that every student is successful. If a student is struggling with fluency, for example, Mrs. Thurmond will have them do repeated readings. The idea behind this is that as a student re-reads a story or passage, they will begin to feel more comfortable with the words. The more comfortable they are with the words, the more they will comprehend the passage.

“I work with students in first through fifth grades, so it can be challenging to make sure all students are progressing. We look at math and reading data three times a year: fall, winter, spring. This lets me take the pulse and see how students are doing. Some students are monitored more frequently. Then, of course, I follow up to make sure that the strategies are working.”

Watching the students grow is a big reason why Mrs. Thurmond loves her work. Students begin in first grade as one type of learner and leave the school a whole new person, both academically and personally.

“I really get to know the students, and the parents too,” says Mrs. Thurmond. “It’s great fun to have that community feeling when working together with the students. It’s fun to see the spark in their eyes. Students will tell me ‘I can’t read’—then, usually around January, all the pieces begin falling together and they say, ‘I can read!’”

In addition to her role as the Response to Intervention (RtII) Teacher at New Garden Elementary School, Mrs. Thurmond is also a Shelter Instructional Observation Protocol (SIOP) facilitator and presenter for the District, as part of a program that helps students build their background knowledge to help them learn in the classroom. She serves on the English Language Arts (ELA) Committee, which is working on developing a “grammar scope” to look at what’s being taught and when. She is also on the Word Study Committee, which looks at phonics development and vocabulary from kindergarten through middle school and is evaluating materials that will benefit all learners.

Outside of school, Mrs. Thurmond loves to read and spend time with her husband of 30 years, Benton, and daughter, Jaime, who graduated from the Kennett Consolidated School District. She also loves to spoil her three pets: one dog and two cats. Her happy place is the beach.

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KMS Students Produce Winning Video

Five Kennett Middle School students took on the challenge of discovering “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing” by creating a two-and-a-half-minute video of their visit to Schramm, a century-old manufacturer in West Chester and global supplier to the hydraulic drilling industry.

Read more by clicking here.

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2016-2017 Calendar Revision

As a result of all schools being closed because of inclement weather on February 9 and March 14, 2017, the last student day for elementary and middle school students for the 2016-2017 school year will now be a half day on Monday, June 12, 2017.

Because of the emergency closing of the high school on Friday, April 7, 2017, the last student day for high school students for the 2016-2017 school year will be Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

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Kennett High School Will Re-Open Monday, April 17th

This is an important update from the Kennett Consolidated School District concerning the legionella bacteria found at the high school last week. Under the guidance of the Chester County Health Department and the recommendation of our environment consultants, 1Source Safety and Health Inc., we developed a comprehensive plan to remediate the bacteria. In order to start the sterilization process as soon as possible, we elected to close the high school last Friday. We also wanted to ensure the safety of our staff and students and eliminate the possibility of scalding because the domestic hot water system had to be raised to a minimum temperature of 160 degrees. We successfully completed the heat sterilization process on this past Saturday, and, after consulting with the Chester County Health Department, will re-open the high school on Monday April 17th as indicated on the school calendar. Thank you.

Esta es una actualización importante de la Kennett Consolidated School District con respecto a la bacteria legionella que se encontró en la Kennett High School la semana pasada. Bajo la guía del Departamento de Salud del Condado de Chester y la recomendación de nuestros consultores del medio ambiente, 1Source Safety and Health Inc., desarrollamos un plan integral para remediar la bacteria. Para iniciar el proceso de esterilización tan pronto como posible, decidimos cerrar la High School el viernes pasado. También, queríamos asegurar la seguridad de nuestro personal y estudiantes y eliminar la posibilidad de escaldadura porque el sistema de agua caliente doméstica tenía que ser elevado a una temperatura mínima de 160 grados. Hemos completado con éxito el proceso de esterilización por calor el sábado pasado, y después de consultar con el Departamento de Salud del Condado de Chester, vamos a abrir la Kennett High School el lunes, el 17 de abril como se indica en el calendario escolar. Gracias.

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Important Message for High School Staff, Parents, and Guardians

Dear Kennett High School Staff, Parents, and Guardians,

We are notifying you that during routine testing of the hot water systems at Kennett High School, a positive test result for legionella bacteria was confirmed.

in response to this test result, we have consulted with the Chester County Health Department and contracted with an environmental remediation firm to eliminate the bacteria. As a proactive measure, we have discontinued use of the boiler room spigot where the positive sample was taken and as an additional precaution shut down all showersa

According to the Health Department, the presence of the bacteria, which are commonly found in water, is no concern for alarm at this time. The Health Department officials stated that there are no confirmed reports of Legionnaires’ disease and the Health Department would not be issuing a public advisory at this time.

The presence of legionella bacteria does not mean that a person will contract Legionnaires’ disease. The bacteria are not passed from person to person. People often receive low-level exposure as it exists naturally in the environment.

Questions & Answers (Q&A)

  • What is Legionnaires’ disease?
  • Legionnaires’ disease is a severe form of pneumonia-lung inflammation usually caused ,by infection. Legionnaires’ disease is caused by the bacteria legionella, which is common in the environment.
  • If there are no confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease, why is the school district alerting the school community?
  • We believe that it is better to be cautious in situations Involving personal health.
  • How does a person contract Legionnaires’ disease?
  • Infection occurs by inhaling microscopic water droplets containing the bacteria.
  • What are the signs and symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease?
  • Signs of Legionnaires’ disease can include:
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • High fever
    • Muscle aches
    • Headaches

These symptoms usually begin 2 to 14 days after being exposed to the bacteria and develop into pneumonia.

  • What should I do now?
  • If you are not sick, there is no need for you to see a doctor.

If you believe that you might have Legionnaires’ disease, you should Immediately contact your doctor.

  • What Is the School District doing?
  • The School District will engage a remediation firm to treat the water systems. Samples of the water will be taken to confirm that the bacteria have been killed. Test results will be made known to the school community. Testing typically takes 2 weeks.

The School District will continue to work closely with the Chester County Health Department and other appropriate government agencies. Any relevant Information will be communicated to the school community.

  • Where can I find further information on Legionnaires’ disease?
  • A link to the Center for Disease Control {CDC), which explains Legionnaires’ disease, is below.

Barry W. Tomasetti, Ed.D. Superintendent

Por media de esta carta queremos notificarle que durante una prueba rutinaria del sistema del agua caliente en la Escuela Preparatoria de Kennett, se confirm6 una prueba positiva para la bacteria de legionela.

En respuesta a este resultado, hemos consultado con el Departamento de Salud del Condado de Chester y contratado una compaiifa de remedio ambiental para eliminar la bacteria. Como una medida proactiva, hemos descontinuado el uso de llave en el cuarto del calentador de agua donde obtuvimos las muestras positivas y coma una precauci6n adicional tambien hemos descontinuado el uso de todas las duchas.

De acuerdo al Departamento de Salud, la presencia de la bacteria, que normalmente se encuentra en el agua, no es una preocupaci6n alarmante en estos momentos. Los oficiales del Departamento de Salud declararon que no hay ning(m reporte confirmado de la enfermedad de Legionelosis y que el Departamento de Salud no estara emitiendo un aviso publico en estos momentos.

La presencia de la bacteria legionela no significa que la persona va a contraer la enfermedad de Legionelosis. La bacteria no puede ser pasada de persona a persona. La mayor parte del tiempo las personas son expuestas a un nivel bajo ya que esta bacteria naturalmente existe en nuestro ambiente.

Preguntas y Respuestas (PyR)

  • Que es la enfermedad de Legionelosis?
  • La enfermedad de Legionelosis es una forma severa de la pulmonfa – una inflamaci6n en los pulmones causada por una infecci6n. La enfermedad de Legionelosis es causada por la bacteria legionela, la cual es comun en nuestro media ambiente.
  • Si no hay ningun caso confirmado de la enfermedad de Legionelosis, lPOr que el distrito escolar esta avisando a la comunidad escolar?
  • Creemos que es mejor ser cautelosos en situaciones que envuelven la salud personal.
  • Como una persona contrae la enfermedad de Legionelosis?
  • La infecci6n ocurre cuando una persona inhala gotitas de agua microsc6picas que contienen la bacteria.
  • Cuales son los sfntomas de la enfermedad de Legionelosis?
  • Los sfntomas de la enfermedad de Legionelosis puede incluir:
    • Tos
    • Dificultad para respirar
    • Fiebre
    • Dolores musculares
    • Dolores de cabeza

Estos sfntomas usualmente comienzan de 2 a 14 dfas despues de ser expuesto a la bacteria y luego se desarrolla en pulmonfa.

  • Que debo hacer?
  • Si usted no esta enfermo, no hay ninguna necesidad de ver a un doctor.

Si usted cree que puede tener la enfermedad de Legionelosis, inmediatamente debe de contactar a su doctor.

  • Que esta hacienda el Distrito Escolar?
  • El Distrito Escolar estara contratando una compaiifa de remediaci6n ambiental para hacer tratamientos al sistema de agua. Muestras del agua seran tomadas para confirmar que la bacteria haya sido eliminada. Los resultados seran revelados a la comunidad escolar. El proceso de las pruebas usualmente toma 2 semanas.

El Distrito Escolar trabajara muy de cerca con el Departamento de Salud y otras agencias apropiadas del gobierno. Cualquier informaci6n pertinente sera comunicada a la comunidad escolar.

  • Donde puedo encontrar informaci6n adicional con relaci6n a la enfermedad de Legionelosis?
  • Abaja encontrara un enlace a la pagina de internet de los Centros para el Control y la Prevenci6n de Enfermedades (CDC), el cual explica la enfermedad de Legionelosis.

BarryW. Tomasetti, Ed.D. Superintendent

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KCSD #ALLin Event @ Phillies Game on June 3, 2017!

We would like to invite you to join us at the Phillies vs. Giants Baseball Game on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at 4:05pm at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Last year’s event was very fun and successful and we look forward to another great year. As is tradition, the Kennett Middle School Eighth Grade Chorus will sing the National Anthem before the game.

All members of the KCSD family are invited to join in on the fun. All KCSD employees and students received a green flyer and order form with the details of the game and how to order tickets. Tickets are only $23 each! Orders are due by May 5, 2017! Proceeds from each ticket sold at this event will benefit the students at Kennett Middle School.

To purchase tickets, please fill out the order form and send payment in the form of cash, check, or credit card. Online tickets can be purchased by visiting and sending the order form to KMS. For more information, please contact Kennett Middle School at 610-268-5800. Reserve your tickets and meet us at the ballpark! Go Phillies and Go Kennett!

Ticket Order Form: 2017 KCSD ALLIN Night at the Phillies

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