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Giving Gratitude

A photo of a student during the Bancroft Thanksgiving Celebration

Students at Bancroft Elementary School Share Thanksgiving Feast

For students in Bancroft Elementary School’s Life Skills class, Thanksgiving is a time to gather with gratitude for individual success and for the school community. 

In November, the class hosted their annual feast, with KCSD family and friends attending. 

According to teacher Maggie Mancini, students were responsible for everything from shopping, to slicing and serving. “There’s a lot that goes into making sure they are all set. When everyone finally arrives, they feel super confident.” 

Along with Occupational Therapist Sharon Andrews, Mancini wants to shine a light on students’ abilities. “A lot of times, it is easier for others to see what they can’t do versus what they can.”

Bancroft Life Skills students also run the Cub Cart, a mobile school store. 

Mancini says that she has the best job ever. 

Like all KCSD educators, her job is to meet all students where they are to help them be as successful as possible, both personally and professionally. “I think some people wonder why our first graders are working on things like pre-vocational tasks, but it all begins here,” reflected Mancini. “I want to help them be as independent as they can in whatever way I can.” 

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