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Kennett High School Athletes Honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A KHS Student & the Mary D. Lang Principal pose for a photo

Annually observed during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a national campaign to recognize the impact of the disease on our mothers, sisters and friends. 

At Kennett High School (KHS), senior Kaitlyn Stolp led the charge.

She sat down with breast cancer survivor and Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center Principal April Reynolds to talk about KHS’ newest club, Unite for Her, in advance of their October 3-7, 2022 celebration called Kennett Goes Pink. 

A: “Getting diagnosed with any kind of cancer is heartbreaking. You just don’t know whether you will survive it. That was the first thought that went through my mind. Shortly after I got the diagnosis, word spread. So many people recommended that I reach out to this organization called Unite for Her.” 

K: “I learn more and more about Unite for Her every day. It is awesome to hear that the organization helped you so much and that it made you feel so much better. When my aunt got diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer a few years ago, I wasn’t really sure what that meant. Once I knew, I wanted to do something. I heard about Unite for Her. My mom and I started organizing Kennett Goes Pink games to spread awareness and to get everyone to donate. Now, I’m leaving High School and we wanted to keep it going. That’s the whole reason I started the club this year.” 

A: “Yes, I learned that I could sign up for an entire day of education. What I loved more than anything was that it didn’t stop there. I left with a box of resources, safe home and healthcare products and $2,000 towards additional services. For example, I enjoyed fresh vegetables and food deliveries, even during the pandemic. It is amazing that all of this was available for free. But that’s not necessarily true. It’s because of people like you saying that you want to help. When I heard that you were starting a Unite for Her Club at Kennett High School, I thought wow, what a great way for our District to show cancer patients in this community how much we care.” 

K: “I was really just trying to make the most out of my aunt’s experience. I could never imagine what it feels like to go through it. But I wanted to explore how I could help.” 

A: “Something great came out of something that was bad.” 

K: “Yes, during the first week of October, we will be selling rally towels and t-shirts at our school lunches. There will be Pink Out games that any member of the community can attend. Every single Fall team is doing something. We also have a direct link to donate on the Unite for Her website.” 

A: “You’re spreading awareness to your classmates, even though they don’t have to think about it right now. But their mothers and their family members do. Eventually we will get a handle on breast cancer. Too many women and men are being inflicted with this disease. I am so proud of you and everyone at Kennett High School who has joined this amazing club. It is going to be major.”

By Mid-October and the Unite for Her Club raised more than $13,000 for breast cancer patients through Kennett Goes Pink.  

After her final season as Captain of the Field Hockey team, Stolp, a 4.5 GPA student, finished her Senior Year and went on to play at James Madison University.