Summary of School Board Meeting
June 13, 2016

The following is a summary of the actions taken at the meeting of the Board of School Directors To review the full minutes and any attachments, contact the Superintendent’s Office at 610.444.6602


The Board approved the following personnel items –


Roseann Barnes, vocal music, Kennett Middle, retiring with a final day of employment of June 17, 2016, and an effective retirement date of June 18, 2016. [33.5 years]

Jane Cornell, ESL, Greenwood Elementary, retiring with a final day of employment of June 30, 2016, and an effective retirement date of July 1, 2016. [35 years]

Brooke Mulroy, nurse, Kennett High, resigning effective June 17, 2016.

Request for leave

Samantha Hamill, 4th grade, New Garden Elementary, a maternity/child rearing leave beginning on or about November 7, 2016, and continuing through February 25, 2017, in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement and applicable School Board Policy.

Recommendations for employment


Dara Connor, mathematics, Kennett High, beginning May 16, 2016 (LTS through the remainder of the 2015-2016 school year). West Brook High School; University of Texas at Dallas (B.S. and M.S. in criminology); Lindenwood University (M.A. in mathematics education).

Felicia Mulé, music, Greenwood and Bancroft Elementary, beginning May 20, 2016, and continuing through June 10, 2016. East Stroudsburg High School; West Chester University (B.S. in music education).


Kevin Bridges received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware and his master’s degree in business administration from Hofstra University. He has served as a billing supervisor, financial analyst, and most recently as the senior director of data analytics and records at the PA Virtual Charter School. The Board appointed Kevin as the Supervisor of Information Systems beginning June 13, 2016.


The Board approved the Resolution recommending the discharge of M. Dustin Mott, Kennett High School mathematics teacher, and authorized the administration and the Board officers to execute the necessary documentation in order to effectuate the intent of the Resolution.


In accordance with Board Policy 121, Field Trips, the Board granted permission for six students from the Kennett High School FBLA Club who qualified for the National Competition to travel to Atlanta, Georgia, from June 27 through July 3, 2016, to participate in the competition.


In accordance with Board Policy 108, Adoption of Textbooks, the Board approved the following textbook for ESL students at Kennett Middle School–

Title:   Escalate English
Publisher:   Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Copyright:   2017

Escalate English is designed to help students realize their potential by rapidly increasing language proficiency and master of the English language. Middle school ESL teachers, along with the principal and curriculum supervisor, reviewed the text using the District’s Textbook Evaluation Tool.


In January 2006, the District outsourced its student transportation to improve efficiency and provide reliable and safe transportation as well as a cost effective solution for the District’s public and non-public students’ transportation needs. The Krapf Bus Company was awarded the initial contract and, based upon its excellent service and safety track record, was awarded a renewal contract in 2010. The current contract expires July 31, 2016. The administration has successfully negotiated a successor agreement that increases accountability, adds GPS technology, and limits increases to the consumer price index. The Board approved the five-year student transportation agreement with Krapf Bus Company effective August 1, 2016.


The Chester County Tax Claim Bureau has requested that the taxing jurisdictions exonerate real estate tax liens on a mobile home located in New Garden Township. Liens were filed against the property from 2010 through 2014 in the aggregate amount of $1,449.13. The County has done its due diligence and exhausted all means to collect the outstanding lien; however, the mobile home has been removed from the lot and there is no associated owner for this property. The Board authorized the removal of the tax liens for parcel #6005-0005008T.


As a condition of New Garden Township’s waiver of a land development plan for the new baseball field at the middle school, the District has agreed to maintain the screening trees planted around the field and the rain garden. The Board approved the Maintenance Agreement with New Garden Township for the Kennett Middle School baseball field.


The Capital Reserve Fund was established as authorized in 53 PS 1432 of the municipal code. This type of fund may consist of (a) “moneys transferred during any fiscal year from appropriations made for any particular purpose which may not be needed” or (b) “surplus moneys in the treasury of the municipality at the end of the fiscal year.” Section 1434 further stipulates specific purposes on the allowable expenditures of these funds. The moneys in this type of fund may be expended “only for capital improvements and for replacement of and additions to public works and improvements, and for deferred maintenance thereof, and for the purchase or the replacement of school buses, and for no other purpose.” The Five-Year Capital Reserve Plan was presented at the February Finance Committee meeting and was approved by the Board at the Regular meeting on June 13, 2016.


The Board approved the Capital Projects Budget that is comprised of two separate fund accounts within the District’s operations. The first is a Capital Project Settlement Fund that was created with the proceeds of successful litigation against the middle school general contractor. The Settlement Fund has a balance of $202,372 and is restricted for capital improvements at the middle school. The second designation within the Capital Projects Budget is the Capital Reserve Fund which is aligned with the previously approved Capital Reserve Five-Year Plan. The expenditures designated for the 2016-2017 Capital Projects Budget are reflective of the projects outlined in the Five-Year Plan and amount to $2,622,630.


The Internal Service Budget was established June 30, 2013, to help offset variances in the general operating budget associated with claims experience in medical, prescription, and dental healthcare programs. The Internal Services Budget accounts for the financing of services provided by one department or agency to other departments or agencies of the District on a cost reimbursement basis. The Internal Service Budget derives its revenue from allocations within the general operating budget that are transferred to the fund on a monthly basis. Expenses are incurred based upon the claims associated with the healthcare services received by our covered employees and their eligible dependents. The Board approved the Internal Service Budget for the 2016-2107 fiscal year.


The Board approved the Food Service Fund which was established to account for the financial operations of the District’s cafeteria operations, and the 2016-2017 budget reflects operations under a Food Service Management Company. The Food Service Fund by definition in the Manual of Accounting and Financial Reporting for Pennsylvania Public Schools is an Enterprise Fund. It accounts for operations that are financial and operated in a manner similar to private business, where the intent of the governing body is that the cost of providing goods and services to the students on a continuing basis be financed or recovered primarily or partially through user charges. The Food Service Budget is self-sufficient and is not subsidized by the General Operating Budget or Tax Revenue.


A preliminary budget was presented on January 11, 2016. The proposed budget was advertised and open for public inspection and comment. The proposed final budget was approved on April 11, 2016. The financial support base for the final budget requires a real estate levy of 29.2408 mills. The Board approved the 2016-2017 Kennett Consolidated School District Operating Budget in the amount of $81,793,364 and submission of Form 2028 to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


The Board approved the following tax resolutions to support the 2016-2017 operating budget –

Earned Income Tax –   a tax of 1% to be levied on salaries and wages for the fiscal year 2016-2017
Real Estate Tax –   a tax of 29.2408 mills to be levied on real estate for the fiscal year 2016-2017
Act 544 Tax –   a tax of 29.2408 mills to be levied on interim real estate assessments for the fiscal year 2016-2017
Act 511 Tax –   a tax of ½ of 1% to be levied on real estate transfers for the fiscal year 2016-2017


The Board adopted the Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion Resolution for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.


The Pennsylvania School Code permits budget transfers only in the final nine months of any budget year. However, if the Board grants authorization for the administration to make 2015-2016 budget transfers after June 30, 2016, the state auditors will not cite the District for the transfers. If such transfers are necessary, they will be presented to the Board for approval. The Board granted authorization for the administration to make transfers in the 2015-2016 general fund budget after June 30, 2016, with subsequent ratification by the Board.


Wednesday, June 15 Last Student Day of School
Thursday, June 16 In-Service Day
Friday, June 17 Graduation
6:00 p.m., KHS Front Lawn
Saturday, June 18 Graduation Rain Date
Monday, July 11 School Board Meeting
7:00 p.m., Mary D. Lang K Center