Summary of School Board Meeting
January 9, 2017

The following is a summary of the actions taken at the meeting of the Board of School Directors To review the full minutes and any attachments, contact the Superintendent’s Office at 610.444.6602


The Board approved the following personnel items –

Recommendations for employment


Nicole Dietterich, part-time art teacher (0.75), Greenwood Elementary and Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center, beginning December 12, 2016 (LTS through the remainder of the 2016-2017 school year). Kennedy-Kenrick Charter High School; Tyler School of Art (B.A. – certified art).


Katherine Kampe, administrative assistant to the principal, New Garden Elementary, beginning December 19, 2016.

Jennifer Oakes, nursing assistant, Kennett Middle, beginning January 31, 2017.

attainment of professional employee status (information)

The following temporary professional employee is certified as satisfactory by the District Superintendent for professional employee status according to the provisions of the Public School Code: Cogliano, Stephanie


In accordance with Board Policy 122, Extracurricular Activities, The Board approved the request for a student organization to be named the Feminist Club, the purpose of which is to raise awareness about feminism and its true meaning, to educate students in the Club and throughout the school, and to raise money for organizations that support women. The Student Organization Constitution has been successfully completed and signed off by the student officers, club advisors, and high school administration.


In accordance with Board Policy 121, Field Trips, the Board granted permission for Kennett High School to offer a student trip to England, Ireland, and Wales during the spring of 2018. The students will depart on Thursday, March 22, and return on Friday, March 30, 2018, missing two days of school depending on the final calendar for the 2017-2018 school year.


In accordance with Board Policy 108, Adoption of Textbooks, the following textbook is being recommended for Board approval:

Title: Math in Focus
Author: Shin-Tze Yap & How-Kian Yow
Copyright Date: 2015

The textbook was reviewed using the District’s Textbook Evaluation Tool and will be used for mathematics in grades K-5 beginning with the 2017-2018 school year. The Board approved the adoption of the above textbook for the K-5 mathematics curriculum.


Kennett was among the school entities from which DHS intended to take money as a result of its 2012-2013 cost settlement calculations. The District would have owed $147,528.22 under the cost settlement formula that DHS used for 2012-2013 cost settlements.

The District has received a proposed final agreement resolving the claims raised in our appeal of 2012-2013 School Based ACCESS Program cost settlement. Through a rigorous and nearly yearlong mediation process, the Department of Human Services has agreed to surrender a significant portion of the dollars it claimed many school entities owed as a result of the 2012-2013 cost settlement process.

School districts, intermediate units, and charter schools that owed money back to DHS as a result of cost settlement will pay less than 12.5% of the claimed payback. In the end, DHS is surrendering more than $8.2 million spread across the 79 school entities that participated in the mediation process.

Under this agreement, we will owe $18,377.91, which, again, represents slightly less than 12.5% of the amount we otherwise would have owed. This agreement represents a substantial concession on the part of DHS and will save the District significant revenue.

The Board approved the SBAP 2012-2013 Settlement Agreement.


In 2000, the District acquired an easement from Hewlett Packard, constructed the sewer force main for the new middle school, and in 2011, by Agreement for Transfer and Assignment of Sewer Main, dedicated the facilities to the New Garden Township Sewer Authority. Unfortunately, the sewer easement was not assigned to the Authority at that time pursuant to that agreement. The Township needs to do so now as part of the upcoming sale of the assets to Aqua and requests that the School District approve the Assignment of Easement Agreement in order to effectuate the transfer.

The Board approved the Assignment of Easement Agreement for Sanitary Sewer Facilities to New Garden Township.


Tuesday, January 10 KHS Instrumental Concert I
7:30 p.m., KHS Auditorium
Wednesday, January 11 KHS Instrumental Concert II
7:30 p.m., KHS Auditorium
Thursday, January 12 Greenwood Instrumental Concert
7:00 p.m., BC Multi-Purpose Room
Saturday, January 14 KHS Duals Wrestling Tournaments
8:00 a.m., Reynolds Gymnasium
Monday, January 16 DISTRICT CLOSED
Tuesday, January 17 Special Ed Parent Forum
6:30 p.m., BC Library
Friday, January 20 End of 2nd Marking Period (Secondary)
Monday, January 23 Finance Committee Meeting
7:00 p.m., MDL K Center Library
Tuesday, January 24 Bancroft Instrumental Concert
7:00 p.m., BC Multi-Purpose Room
Thursday, January 26 New Garden Instrumental Concert
7:00 p.m., KHS Auditorium
Monday, January 30 Curriculum Committee Meeting
6:30 p.m., MDL K Center Library
Tuesday, January 31 KMS Instrumental Concert
7:00 p.m., KMS Gymnasium
Monday, February 6 Finance Committee Meeting
7:00 p.m., MDL K Center Library
Wednesday, February 8 8th Grade Parent Night at KHS
6:30 p.m., KHS Auditorium
Monday, February 13 School Board Meeting
7:00 p.m., MDL K Center Library