The Kennett Consolidated School District accepts installment payments for all homeowners/property owners. If your property is approved for the Homestead/Farmstead exclusion, the reduction is shown on your tax bill.

Payment Due Dates

Installment Payment #1: August 31
Installment Payment #2: September 30
Installment Payment #3: October 31


  1. Discounts are not permitted on installment payments. The installment payments are calculated using the Face amount.
  2. Once the first installment is received, there is no “opting out” of the installment program.
  3. The remittance copy must accompany payment
  4. Payments are due in the amount indicated on the installment payment portion of the bill. Late or missed installment payments are assessed with a 10% penalty after October 31.
  5. If the first installment is not paid by August 31, you will not be eligible for the installment option.