The Kennett Consolidated School District permits community use of its facilities as long as the requested times do not interfere with the District’s instructional programs, student athletics, or school-related activities.

Requesting the Use of School Facilities

The District has moved to an online facility use reservation system called SchoolDude. We no longer accept paper applications. Organizations must apply to become a Community User. Once you become a user, you may apply to use our facilities.

For additional assistance, please view the following training videos:

You will receive an email from SchoolDude when your event has been approved and activated by the School District. Please do not opt out of email notifications or you will not get our messages. When activated, your event will be displayed on the calendar with a green dot next to it.

Application Timeframe

Requests for a use that will extend throughout the school year, the maximum duration of an approval, must be received between June 1 and July 1 and will be processed after July 1. Requests for the use of a District facility during the fall season (August through November) must be received between June 1 and July 1; for the winter season (November through March), August 1 and September 1; for the spring season (March through May), December 1 and January 1; and for the summer season (May through August), February 1 and March 1, with applications being processed at the conclusion of the submission period. No requests will be accepted prior to the above dates, and all requests must be made in accordance with Board Policy 707.

Facility Use Fees

The District has developed fee schedules for the use of District facilities, including grass fields and tennis courts, by profit and non-profit organizations. Fees include costs of custodial and supervisory services, energy uses (lights, heat, air conditioning), and other expenses related to a proposed use, including the cost of police and/or security required by the District.

Questions regarding facility use should be directed to Anita Williamson, 610.444.6604. 

The District reserves the right to cancel the use of a facility should the area be needed for a school-sponsored activity.

When the District is closed for inclement weather, all facility use is cancelled.