The Kennett Consolidated School District will now be using School Café as our new payment software for online food service payments.

Why Did We Switch?

School Café is the prepayment software associated with our new point of sale system in the cafeterias. School Café provides the convenience of adding money to your student’s cafeteria account using a debit card. There is a fee of 5% charged by the vendor to use this service to make a prepayment onto an account. However, there is no fee to create an account and you may also view information about your student’s cafeteria account activity free of charge.

How Do I Set Up An Account?

If you are new to School Café, you will need to create a username and password. See the instructions on the School Café Quick Card in English or Spanish. School Café was the site already in use for parents who applied for Free or Reduced-Price Meal Benefits this year or in previous school years. If you have already created an account to apply for benefits, you will use the same username and password. The same site does both meal benefit processing and payment processing.

What Information Can I Access in School Café?

Parents can use School Café to view account purchases, payment history, food restrictions, dietary needs and more at no charge. You will be able to log in to School Café to determine and edit preferences such as low balance notices, replenishing limits, etc.

Do I Have to Use School Café?

No, you do not have to use School Café. You can always send in cash or a check made payable to “KCSD Food Service” and the cafeteria staff will apply it to your account. School Café is simply a convenience that you may choose to use.

What Happened to My Balance in myschoolaccount From Last Year?

Your student’s account balance from last year remained in your student’s cafeteria account and is now viewable through School Café. You can view your balance at any time by signing into School Café.

When Will School Café Be Available?

School Café is available NOW at!

Who Do I Contact with Questions About My Student’s Cafeteria Account?

You may call Carolyn Isakoff in the Food Service Office at 610-444-6626 or email her at