Meals are served in the cafeteria line or on designated area of the cafeteria or kitchen away from the cooking and preparation area. In general, kitchen area is limited to cafeteria staff. Traffic of unnecessary persons through the food preparation area, packaging or processing area (s) and utensil washing areas is prohibited by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania County of Chester Health department safety and sanitation regulation 303.11.7.8.


Next day cash payments are expected.
A monthly payment is acceptable. Monthly bills are payable within 10 days of receipt of request for payments For payment of $10.00 or greater: A check payable to KCSD Food Service should be written.

Rational: For the teacher and staffs’ personal accounting purpose and record.

The last day for meal charges: May 15 of each year. The Manager will post notice to alert teachers and staff on the last week of April. Posting location will be at the cafeteria, teacher’s lounge and main office.


Ala Carte menu: Individual pricing on the menu/price board.


All staff members have an account in our computerized pre-payment database. Cash or check payable to KCSD Food Servicemay be used for pre-payment. This system eliminates the need for cash on daily basis. Left over money at the end of the school year will be carried over to the following year and from school to the other school in KCSD or as designated.