Medications should be given at home whenever possible.

Most medications can be given before and after school hours. Medications given less than 4 times each day should be given at home unless otherwise ordered by the physician. When prescription or non-prescription medication must be given in school, please follow these guidelines.

Non-prescription medications require a written note and instructions from the parent.

Mediation must be in the original, labeled container, with the expiration date evident.Instructions should include dosage, reason for treatment, time(s) to be given, and date to discontinue.

Prescription medications require a written note from the parent and physician.

The physician’s request must accompany the medication, including date, time schedule, and dosage. A pharmacy label does not meet the requirements of a written physician’s signature.

Medication must be clearly labeled in English in the original pharmacy container and must include:

Student’s Name, Date of Prescription, Medication, Dosage, Instructions for Administration, Physician’s Name, and Name and Telephone Number of Pharmacy.

(Pharmacy should supply two labeled containers – one for home and one for school)

Parent/Doctor Request for Administration of Medication

Forms are available here!  This form must be signed by the parent and physician for prescription medication and long-term administration of non-prescription medication.

A parent or responsible adult should transport medication to school.

Medication can be lost or stolen and medications can be dangerous if taken by the wrong student. If it is necessary for a student to carry medication on the bus, instruct your child to bring the medication to the School Nurse as soon as he/she arrives.

All controlled medications such as Ritalin, Adderall, and narcotics must be transported to school by a parent or responsible adult and given directly to the School Nurse.

Students are not permitted to carry controlled substances on the bus or in school at any time.

All medication will be locked in the School Nurse’s office.

Students may not carry medication with them in school and medication may not be stored in teacher’s desks. Older students may carry their own medication (e.g. inhaler, EpiPen) as determined on an individual basis by the School Nurse.This requires a plan that is approved by the parent and Principal.

Be sure to give your child’s morning dose of medication at home.

If your child does not receive his/her medication prior to school, you may come to school and administer the medication.

Inform the School Nurse if your child receives his/her medication later than usual.

If your child is scheduled to receive medication during the school day, the time of the school dose may need to be delayed.

Students are responsible for coming to the School Nurse at the designated time to take their medication.

The School Nurse and teachers will help students until they get into the habit of going to the nurse at a consistent time.

Parents must pick up medication at the end of the school year.

The School Nurse will discard any medication not claimed.