Independence Blue Cross
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As a member of an Independence Blue Cross health plan you can access information about your personal and family coverage information through our secure online portal, known as ibxpress. Click here for more information.


Question: When can I make changes to my benefits?
Answer: During the Annual Open Enrollment period, employees may elect to enroll in the Districts health insurance plans (medical, prescription, dental, and vision), add eligible dependents, or cancel coverage. Open Enrollment takes place in June for changes to go into effect on July 1st (12 and 11 month employees) or September 1st (10 month employees)
Question: Is there any other time that I can make changes to my benefits?
Answer: Changes may be made if an employee experiences a Life Event. In general, a Life Event is defined as a change in family or employment status (ex. birth, death, marriage, divorce, loss of employment.) If you experience a qualifying event, then you must make your benefit elections within 31 days of the change or you will lose your right to change your election until the Annual Open Enrollment period. Contact Betty DiFilippo at for further information.
Question: How long are my children covered through my insurance?
Answer: The limiting age for covered, unmarried children is to the end of the month in which they reach age 19; or if a student is enrolled full time in an Accredited Educational Institution, the limiting age is not beyond the end of the month in which they reach age 24.
Question: Do I have to verify that my dependent child is a full time student?

Yes. You must submit verification of full time student status each semester to the Reschini Group.


  • Name of Student;
  • Name of College/University
  • Semester Period or Dates (i.e., “Spring 07” or “01/01/07 – 06/01/07”); and
  • Full Time Designation (i.e. the words “Full Time”, the abbreviation “FT”, or the number of credits scheduled – a student must carry at least 12 credits, undergraduate; 9 credits, graduate).


  • A letter from the College/University stating full time student status;
  • A tuition bill that clearly shows full time status, ***tuition charges alone will not be accepted***
Question: Does our health insurance plan reimburse members who enroll in a wellness program?
Answer: As a member of Independence Blue Cross, you can take advantage of a wide variety of innovative Health Lifestyles programs designed for you and your family. Go to the IBX web link for further information.
Question: My divorce will be final in a few months. How do I remove my spouse from my insurance plans now?
Answer: We are not permitted to remove a spouse from insurance plans until a divorce is final. Therefore, when the divorce has been finalized and you have a signed divorce decree, forward a copy of the decree with the appropriate enrollment forms to the Reschini Group.