The Kennett Consolidated School District Board is responsible for the determination of policies, for the approval of the educational program, and for the approval of all appointments and expenditures for the District. The School Board is responsible for the selection and appointment of its Chief Administrative Officer (District Superintendent).

The District Superintendent is designated to recommend to the School Board the employment, transfer, and discharge of all personnel employed by the Board, except those employees who are required by law to be responsible directly to the Board.

The District Superintendent is to recommend and implement, subject to Board approval, plans for the development, operation, and maintenance of the school plant and a program for interpreting to the public for the purposes, practices, accomplishments, and needs of the School District.

For the annual consideration of the Board, the District Superintendent is responsible for preparing the operating budget.

Although accountable to the District Superintendent, the principal is the responsible head and professional leader in the development of the educational program and the improvement of instruction in his/her school and in interpreting the school to the community. All auxiliary supervisory personnel and directors of instruction, whether members of the building staff or the central administrative staff, shall work through the principal in the performance of their duties within his/her school.

Principals develop requests for policies, programs, and budget with the teaching staff. These requests are further refined and developed by the administrative cabinet, consisting of all administrative officers, or in consultation with the District Superintendent who, in turn, presents the requests to the School Board.

Adopted by the K.C.S.D.

Board of School Directors