Definition of a mentally gifted student in need of Gifted Support

A mentally gifted student has outstanding intellectual and creative ability, the development of which requires special services and programs not ordinarily provided in the regular education program.

The mentally gifted student needs enrichment or acceleration, or both, and without it will not receive an appropriate education. High achievement, conformity to expectations, a “good work ethic” or intense interest in a particular subject or hobby alone will not suffice.

Eligibility Determination

In the Kennett Consolidated School District, screening and evaluation procedures utilized to determine eligibility for the Academically Talented program include individual achievement test scores in reading and writing, student grades, cognitive testing using a standardized instrument and input from the referral source specifying areas of suspected mental giftedness.

Flexibility is employed to assure students with disabilities and/or multicultural backgrounds are afforded an opportunity to meet eligibility criteria.

If a student is suspected of being mentally gifted by school personnel Phase I screening is completed prior to referral for a multidisciplinary evaluation. If a parent requests an evaluation, Phase I and II are conducted concurrently.

  • Phase I – Referral source input, grades and standardized achievement data
  • Phase II – Cognitive testing using a standardized measure and such other instruments as the team deems necessary, if any.