In-district classes and program:

  • Learning Support – Classes are available at all schools at the Itinerant, Resource and Part-time levels.
  • Speech-Language Support – Services are available at all schools at the Itinerant level. Articulation, receptive language and expressive language deficits are addressed.
  • Emotional Support – Programs at the itinerant and resource level of support are available at the middle and high school levels. One elementary class is operated at New Garden Elementary School for elementary students from throughout the district. Students requiring itinerant, resource or part-time support can be served in this program.
  • Life Skills Support – Classes are offered at the elementary, middle, and high school that can provide itinerant, resource or part-time services. The elementary class is located at Bancroft Elementary School.
  • Autistic Support – Classes are offered at the Greenwood Elementary and Kennett Middle schools for students requiring a supplemental or part time level of support. Students who require itinerant or supplemental levels of support are often served in the home building.
  • Vision and Hearing Support – An itinerant level of support is available within all KCSD schools and is provided by the Chester County Intermediate Unit.